105: Believers

Written by
David Gerrold

Directed by
Richard Compton

First broadcast week of
25 April 1994

Franklin and ShonA family of devout people known as the Children of Time arrive on the station seeking medical treatment for their son, Shon, who seems to be suffering a fatal respiratory blockage.  When Franklin proposes surgery Tharg and M'ola, the boy's parents, refuse the treatment - claiming their religious belief that puncturing the body allows the soul to escape.  As he manages to stall them by asking them to consider a more risky alternative treatment, Franklin goes to Sinclair to ask for permission to override their decision so he can save the child's life.  Sinclair does not wish to upset Babylon 5's neutral status, so Franklin decides to take charge of the situation himself and perform the operation.  The parents are enraged and feel compelled to sacrifice their son's life.  Ivanova, seeking relief from the tedium of command, leads a Starfury squadron out to assist the Asimov during an attack from Raiders.

Notes: David Gerrold is the author of the famous original series Star Trek episode, The Trouble with Tribbles, among others.

Guest Cast: Stephen Lee (Tharg); Tricia O'Neill (M'ola); Jonathan Charles Kaplan (Shon); Silvana Gallardo (Dr Maya Hernandez).