107: The War Prayer

Written by
D.C. Fontana

Directed by
Richard Compton

First broadcast week of
7 March 1994

Mayan in MedLabMayan, a renowned Minbari poet and old friend of Delenn, arrives aboard the station, as does Malcolm Biggs, a former lover of Ivanova's, and Kiron Maray, Vir's nephew seeking Londo's blessing to wed his lover, Aria.  They do not want to subject themselves to the arranged marriages of their parents, but Londo, bound by tradition, refuses their request.  Mayan is attacked by members of the Home Guard, a human terrorist group who seek to prevent "corruptive" alien influences on human society.  They also start to randomly attack other aliens aboard the station, one assault placing Kiron in a coma.  Garibaldi discovers that Malcolm Biggs is involved with the Home Guard, so Sinclair meets with him and gives him the impression he wishes to join.  They establish a trap to capture the Home Guard members.  Thinking over the missed opportunities of his own life, Londo arranges for Kiron and Aria to be fostered by a family owing him a favour so they can marry when they are older.

Notes: Londo refers to his three wives ("Famine, Pestilence and Death") who are seen in person in Soul Mates.   Dr Benjamin Kyle and Lyta Alexander (The Gathering) get a namecheck, as Sinclair ponders that, being the only two people to see inside Kosh's encounter suit, they are the ones specifically recalled to Earth after the event.  He also wonders how the poison could have been given to Kosh through the encounter suit (something we were all wondering at the time).

D.C. Fontana, author of this episode, was also responsible for many episodes of the original series of Star Trek, as well as a few early episodes of The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine.

Guest Cast: Nancy Lee Grahn (Shaal Mayan); Tristan Rogers (Malcolm Biggs); Rodney Eastman (Kiron Maray); Danica McKellar (Aria Tensus); Michael Paul Chan (Roberts); Diane Adair (Mila Shar).