121: A Voice in the Wilderness, Part II

Written by
J. Michael Straczynski

Directed by
Janet Greek

First broadcast week of
1 August 1994

Londo, Delenn, Varn and DraalThe Earth Alliance heavy cruiser Hyperion arrives to claim the technology found on Epsilon 3.  Draal is drawn to the alien Varn in the MedLab, who reveals that the technology on the planet could be destructive in the wrong hands.  An alien ship containing aliens of Varn's race arrives to demand custody of the Great Machine, however Varn warns that the aliens are renegades cast out by his own people.  Draal and Delenn convince Londo to fly them down to Epsilon 3 in the midst of a battle between the combined forces of Babylon 5 and the Hyperion.  Draal realizes his destiny and takes Varn's place in the heart of the Great Machine, destroying the alien ship as it tries to make an attack run.  Garibaldi finally manages to contact Lise with hopes of resolving their differences - although she informs him that she is now happily married.

Notes: The Great Machine plays a significant role in future episodes (see The Long, Twilight Struggle, Voices of Authority and War Without End).  Londo collects on his favour from Delenn in A Day in the Strife.

Guest Cast: Louis Turenne (Draal); Ron Canada (Captain Ellis Pierce).  Denise Gentile makes her first appearance as Lise Hampton, and Aki Aleong returns as Senator Hidoshi.