302: Convictions

Directed by
Michael Vejar

First broadcast week of
13 November 1995

A brotherhood of monks, led by Brother Theo, arrives on Babylon 5 in order to discover more about the deities of other races, with the hope of understanding their own God better.  A series of anonymous messages are the prelude to a chain of bombings that terrorizes the station.  Lennier is seriously wounded when he saves Londo from an explosion in the transport bay, leading the command staff to assume that the bombings are targeting specific people.  Londo and G'Kar fire accusations at each other, but both become victims themselves when the transport tube they are in is caught in one explosion area, sealing them in.  Ivanova enlists the aid of Brother Theo to sort through station records and personnel files to identify a possible suspect.  The bomber is identified as Robert Carlson, a man traumatized by the loss of his job and his wife; he has rigged a bomb in the station reactor and holds onto the detonator.  Sheridan confronts him while Garibaldi locates the bomb and has it ejected safely into space.

Notes: How many Centauri does it take to screw in a light bulb?
One, but in the great old days of the Republic, hundreds of servants would change a thousand light bulbs at their slightest whim!
(See also A Race Through Dark Places).

Guest Cast: Louis Turenne (Brother Theo) first appeared as the original Draal in A Voice in the Wilderness.