502: No Compromise

Directed by
Janet Greek

First broadcast week of
21 January 1998

Captain Lochley arrives on Babylon 5 as a dead Ranger is found floating in a space pod just outside the station.  There are fears that Sheridan's inauguration as President of the Alliance may be jeopardized by possible attempts on his life, but Sheridan accepts it as part and parcel of the job.  Byron, a rogue telepath, approaches Lochley asking for sanctuary on Babylon 5, still an independent state, from Psi Corps.  He introduces Simon to her, a young boy who lived as a "sewer rat" on Mars and communicates only through telepathically projected images.  Sheridan asks G'Kar to compile the inaugural address and oath of office for the ceremony, which G'Kar is eager to do.  Escaping MedLab and crawling through the air ducts, Simon finds an assassin who has murdered the Gaim ambassador in order to infiltrate the ceremony and kill Sheridan, holding him responsible for the recent carnage on Earth.  Simon, dying from being shot at, is able to warn Sheridan just in time but Clemens, the assassin, escapes.  The ceremony is moved to the observation dome - where Clemens steals a Starfury to fire upon it, before Garibaldi intervenes.  G'Kar completes the ceremony in a rush and Garibaldi, to please Lochley's queries of his official capacity aboard the station, is assigned as Sheridan's personal security adviser.

Notes: The book G'Kar is writing is the same one he began as a record of his experiences in Messages From Earth, and is seen again more prominently in The Ragged Edge - G'Kar mentions that Mr Garibaldi left a coffee stain on one of the pages (see Meditations on the Abyss).

Guest Cast: Anthony Crivello appears as Clemens and Timothy Eyester as Simon.