517: And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder

Directed by
Goran Gajic

First broadcast week of
10 June 1998

Barred from the Alliance council meeting, Londo hears of the evidence against the Centauri regarding the attacks on Alliance ships.  The Regent categorically denies Centauri involvement, and yet Londo is hesitant to disbelieve Sheridan or Lennier.   When the Alliance threatens to run a blockade against the Centauri, Londo passes on a message from Centauri Prime that they are seceding from the Alliance.  Zack confronts Garibaldi when he realizes he is drinking, but Garibaldi promises that he can redeem himself: but not before he is drunk again at a crucial moment when the White Star fleet intercepts a Centauri war fleet, after Sheridan assigns him to co-ordinate the Ranger reports.  Londo and G'Kar return to Centauri Prime - and when war officially breaks out, G'Kar is to be arrested as a "security risk".  Londo is adamant not to be separated from his bodyguard - only to be imprisoned himself.

Notes: Londo watches Centauri warships flying overhead - similar to his experience with Shadow vessels in The Hour of the Wolf.

Director Goran Gajic is the husband of Mira Furlann (Delenn), and a character was named after him in Grail.

Guest Cast: Thomas MacGreevy reappears as the Centauri Minister (first seen in Darkness Ascending and returns in Movements of Fire and Shadow).