#8: Personal Agendas

Written by Al Sarrantonio Dell Publishing, 1997

This story is set between the episodes The Summoning and Falling Toward Apotheosis.

Book 8: Personal Agendas

A group of Narn miner-slaves infiltrate Centauri Prime with the intent to rescue G'Kar.  Knowing that he is instrumental to Londo's plan to be rid of Emperor Cartagia and free the Narn homeworld, G'Kar warns Londo about his peoples' intentions - but only if Londo agrees the five Narn will not be harmed.

Sheridan has tried to get Londo to return to Babylon 5 to discuss G'Kar's imprisonment, but fails.  He decides to launch a covert operation, and sends Ivanova, Garibaldi and Franklin to Centauri Prime, disguised as Centauri.

Meanwhile, Vir is visited by his bride-to-be, Lindisty.  She is still keen to marry, but due to her aggression toward the Narn, Vir is not, even though he is still fond of her.

The Narn enter the Palace but find G'Kar's cell empty.  They return to their hideout where a retinue of Londo's guards are waiting for them.  Because they are under strict orders not to harm the Narn, the guards are easily disposed of.  Londo fears that this act could endanger the Narns' lives.

On Babylon 5, Sheridan mourns the loss of something to do.  When he decides to investigate a toy smuggling ring on the staton, Delenn goes with him.  They eventually discover that the toys are being used to hide a gun running operation to Mars.  They are captured by the smugglers who decide to kill them, not believing that they are who they say they are.

The Narn kidnap Londo with the intent to make an exchange for G'Kar.  Ivanova, Garibaldi and Franklin actually do manage to free G'Kar despite his protests.  He asks that he be returned to his cell, and that they leave Centauri Prime taking the group of Narn with them.  Although they don't thoroughly understand his reasons, they comply with G'Kar's requests.  However, when they arrive at the Narn hideout they too are captured and sentenced to be executed along with Londo.

Trapped inside a container of toys, Sheridan rigs a bomb from some of the weapons components to break out.  He overpowers the smugglers and returns to Babylon 5, arranging for a "diplomatic mission" to Centauri Prime to collect his crew.

Vir, determined to avoid his pre-arranged wedding party, bargains with the Narn to release their captives for the ultimate good of the Narn people.  They do not believe him until Vir offers his life in exchange for the others - giving the Narn cause to wonder why a Centauri would ever make such a sacrifice.  After Lindisty and her parents hear of Vir's heroic actions, their opinion of him has raised and they have therefore rescheduled the wedding gala...

Notes: Lyndisty first appeared in the episode Sic Transit Vir.