113: Deathwalker

Written by
Lawrence G. DiTillio

Directed by
Bruce Seth Green

First broadcast week of
18 April 1994

Na'Toth assaults a woman she claims is responsible for atrocities committed against her family 30 years before.  Sinclair discovers that the woman is Jha'dur, a Dilgar warmaster whose biological experiments claimed the lives of thousands of people.  Kosh employs Talia Winters to observe a "business dealing" between himself and a man named Abbut, but she gets no readings from either of them, and instead starts to experience flashbacks to a time she scanned the mind of a convicted killer.  When Jha'dur claims to have discovered the secret of immortality, Earth immediately contacts Sinclair to have her released so her discovery can be verified.  The Narn announce similar intentions - until the League of Non-Aligned Worlds claim that because the major races are associated with her they wish to sever all diplomatic ties.  Sinclair talks them down by offering a share in the knowledge they gain from her experiments - until Jha'dur reveals that the secret of the formula is an ingredient extracted from living beings: for each one who becomes immortal another must die.  When she departs the station, the Vorlons arrive and destroy her ship.  Kosh tells Sinclair: "You are not ready for immortality".  Garibaldi recognizes Abbut as a Vicker - a cybernetic being that can record thoughts, sounds and images, which Kosh was using to monitor Talia, as Vorlons are suspicious of telepaths.

Notes: Talia's business with Kosh is recalled in Divided Loyalties.

Guest Cast: Cosie Costa (Abbut).  Sarah Douglas (Jha'dur) appeared as the Kryptonian villainess Ursa in Superman / Superman II.  Robin Curtis (Ambassador Kalika) replaced Kirstie Alley as Saavik for Star Trek III: The Search for Spock and Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home; she also appeared in The Next Generation.  Aki Aleong makes his first appearance as Senator Hidoshi.