202: Revelations

Written by
J. Michael Straczynski

Directed by
Jim Johnston

First broadcast week of
7 November 1994

G'Kar has tracked the aliens who attacked Quadrant 37 to a dead planet out on the galactic rim, and narrowly escapes an attack.  He returns to Babylon 5 to warn the Council of his discovery.  Elizabeth Sheridan pays her brother a visit for the first time in two years, and discovers that he is still upset over his wife's death three years previously.  Dr Franklin uses the alien machine he acquired from Dr Rosen to heal Garibaldi, and soon after is called to tend to Delenn who has emerged from her chrysalis - in almost human form.  Talia retrieves from Garibaldi's memory the image of the person who shot him, and his aide Jack is arrested and taken into custody but refuses to talk.  Morden asks Londo to pass along any information he hears about activity on the rim - and when G'Kar announces the Narn is sending an expedition the information is passed along.  On the direct orders of President Clark, Jack is to be transferred to Earth along with all evidence of the conspiracy to assassinate President Santiago.  Garibaldi is unnerved by the fact that Jack has implied that Psi Corps might be involved with the assassination but he has no way of proving it.  When the ship carrying Jack disappears en route for Earth, the crew is certain that there is some form of deep conspiracy.  Elizabeth gives Sheridan a final message recorded from Anna, which helps him cope slightly better with her death.  The Narn fleet is completely destroyed upon arrival, and G'Kar predicts a terrible fate is about to befall them all.

Notes: Anna Sheridan was aboard the Icarus on an expedition when her ship exploded.  Its mission is revealed in In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum, and the full story told in the novel The Shadow Within.  The machine Franklin uses to heal Garibaldi was introduced in The Quality of Mercy, and is seen again in Endgame.  G'Kar mentions that a Narn holy book, The Book of G'Quan, talks of a war against a dark and ancient force - the Shadows - that touched his homeworld long ago (see Ship of Tears).  The Shadow home planet on the galactic rim is given a name: Z'ha'dum.  Garibaldi's aide says "There's a new order coming, back home", which prefigures events set in motion in In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum.

Guest Cast: Beverly Leech (Elizabeth Sheridan); Gary McGurk (President Clark); Macaulay Bruton (Jack).

Beth Toussaint (Anna Sheridan) played Ishara Yar, Tasha's sister in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Legacy.   Anna also appears in Shadow Dancing and Z'ha'dum, however the role in those episodes is played by Bruce Boxleitner's wife, Melissa Gilbert, and the flashbacks to this episode were re-recorded.