102: The Memory of War

Written by
J. Michael Straczynski
Directed by
Tony Dow
First broadcast
11 August 1999

Galen returns to warn Gideon about exploring a new planet that once housed life similar to humans.  They all disappeared suddenly, possibly by a plague similar to the Drakh's.  Galen continues to issue warnings of death and destruction, claiming that the Techno-mages do not go near the place and those who did died.  Dureena discovers an ancient data crystal, which Eilerson discovers contains a final message from the inhabitants, claiming that they are being wiped out by a mysterious force.  Suddenly, members of the crew begin to die in the hands of unknown attackers; Dr Chambers discovers after an autopsy that the crew has contracted a nanotech virus - one that Galen recognizes as belonging to another Techno-mage.  Solar interference inhibits the function of the nano-virus, therefore at nightfall the crewmembers will be more strongly affected again and will attack one another until they are all dead.  Galen ventures underground to confront the projection of a dead Techno-mage sent to the world to wipe out the population.  Galen destroys the source of the Mage's power with his staff - which he thinks lost until Dureena retrieves it from the wreckage.  Galen is grateful, and offers to help Dureena on the path to magedom.  Dr Chambers discovers that the nano-virus is programmable, and can be used as a temporary shielding against the Drakh plague, giving the unaffected 48 hours immunity against the virus so they can interact with those infected.  Gideon opens the Apocalypse Box to tell it that it was right about finding something of value on the planet - and it warns the Captain not to trust Galen.

Notes: Doomsday Cults and rioting are on the increase on Earth.  The current Pope is Bernadette II - Garibaldi mentioned in B5: Racing Mars that the Pope was a female.  It is seen that Galen has technological implants in his body - the source of his power, as described in the novel Casting Shadows.  Who employed the Techno-mage to wipe out the inhabitants?  The Apocalypse Box was first seen in The Path of Sorrows and Racing the Night.

Guest Cast: John Saint Ryan (Techno-mage), James Parks (Duncan), Susie Park (Sogayu).