104: Visitors From Down the Street

Written by
J. Michael Straczynski
Directed by
Jerry Apoian
First broadcast
25 August 1999

The Excalibur picks up a pod containing two aliens - Mulder and Scully Durkani and Lyssa - who are familiar with the humans, although Earth has no record of ever having encountered them.  They can speak English and dress in Earth-style suits, but they are deeply mistrustful of the humans, believing they have been present on their planet for hundreds of years, manipulating society - and they are involved in a conspiracy with their government who denies everything.  Gideon denies everything, and Durkani asks that he come to their world to expose the conspiracy.  Another ship arrives, and Special Agent Kendarr comes aboard demanding the two fugitives be handed over.

Inside the transport tubesThe fugitives kidnap Kendarr and hide out in the transport tubes, where Gideon sends an assault squad to re-capture them.  He lets Durkani and Lyssa go, and learns from Kendarr that the so-called "sightings" on their world have been deliberately engineered by the government.  Their race has a tendency toward civil war and unrest, so the government researched Earth and formulated a conspiracy, allowing people like Durkani and Lyssa to spread propaganda, to provide a distraction for their people and lay the blame for political problems on "aliens".

Gideon, deciding that he doesn't want the human race to be used as a scapegoat for the aliens' agenda, sends probes containing information of recent events down to the planet to reveal the truth - not to mention for his own justification.

Notes: Subtitles in the opening sequence indicates this episode takes place on May 13, 2267.  In various flashbacks showing Durkani and Lyssa's investigations and encounters with government agents, an 'X' is seen taped to the window in the background.  In his exploration of Earth culture, Kendarr has developed an affection for cigarettes.  Gideon tells that the death penalty is still in place on Earth, for the higher crimes of mutiny and treason; all other serious crimes attract death of personality (see B5: Passing Through Gethsemane).

Guest Cast: Harry van Gorkum (Durkani), Francoise Robertson (Lyssa), Josh Clark (Kendarr).