422: The Deconstruction of Falling Stars

Directed by
Stephen Furst

First broadcast week of
27 October 1997

A mysterious watcher accesses historical documents of the Interstellar Alliance, and Sheridan and Delenn's part in it.

2262: Sheridan and Delenn discover to some dismay that a party has been thrown on Babylon 5 in their honour.  Meanwhile, a panel of "experts" on ISN are quizzed as to whether they believe Sheridan really is capable of his new job as President of the Alliance, and whether the Alliance is going to live up to all that is expected of it.

2362: An aged Delenn interrupts a broadcast discussion programme to inform the disillusioned panellists that Sheridan was a great man, and not a "manufactured hero" as they have perceived him.

2762: A massive civil war has broken out amongst the humans and a programmer, Daniel, establishes a holographic reproduction of Babylon 5 along with Sheridan, Delenn, Franklin and Garibaldi.  He programs them to enact violent, immoral and fascist actions in an attempt to persuade the enemy to believe that the Alliance was not a force for good at all.  Garibaldi's hologram informs Daniel that he has infiltrated the system and broadcast their actions and position to the enemy, and the missiles destroy the base.

3262: Brother Michael is having a crisis of faith, and visits another monk, Alwyn Macomber, to discuss their objectives.  Earth has fallen after the "Great Burn" five hundred years ago and been reduced to almost medieval proportions.  Following the faiths of Sheridan and Delenn, Brother Michael is persuaded that the Rangers will return to restore Earth to its former glory - unaware that Alwyn is a Ranger himself, already working behind the scenes to restore knowledge and technology lost to Earth.

One million years later: Earth's sun is about to explode, and one of the remaining humans, evolved into an energy being, forwards the records he has downloaded to New Earth, in deep space.

Back in the present, Sheridan ponders whether his actions will be remembered in 1000 years...

Notes: In the 2362 sequence, the Telepath War is mentioned once again (The Face of the Enemy, Rising Star).  The "flashback" scene is an excerpt from the Season Five episode Phoenix Rising, and mention is made of the telepaths that settle on the station (No Compromise).  Captain Lochley is mentioned - she is the new commanding officer of Babylon 5 in Season Five.

Sheridan's death is given as being 20 years after the foundation of the Alliance - about the time of War Without End and as predicted by Lorien in Falling Toward Apotheosis.   There is mention made about the "mysterious circumstances" of his death - see Sleeping in Light.  There is also mention of "an incident" with his son, David (see War Without End, Part II), which may or may not be a reference to the events of the novel Out of the Darkness.  The Babylon 5 station itself is also said to survive another 20 years (see Sleeping in Light).

Brother Michael refers to Sheridan's death (Z'ha'dum), resurrection (Whatever Happened to Mr Garibaldi?) and ascension into heaven (Sleeping in Light); he also refers to Lorien.

One million years into the future, humans have become Vorlon-esque in appearance - a fact given a new spin later in The Fall of Centauri Prime.

This episode was filmed first in production for Season Five, when it was known Babylon 5 would continue for a fifth season.  The final episode of the series, Sleeping in Light, was filmed at the end of Season Four but held over to be shown at the end of Season Five.

Guest Cast: Roy Brocksmith (Alwyn Macomber) appeared as a Zakdorn in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Peak Performance.  Eric Pierpoint (Daniel) played George* Francisco in the television series of Alien Nation, and also appeared in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Liaisons.

* - not "Sam Francisco", as previously listed, which was the name of Mandy Patinkin's character in the Alien Nation movie.  Thanks to Jonathan S Rudderham for pointing this out.  :-)