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Page created by Michael Cloonan, 4 July 1998.
Series created by J. Michael Straczynski; a Babylonian Production distributed by Warner Bros.


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"Sooner or later,
everyone comes to Babylon 5."
- Commander Jeffrey Sinclair



This site serves to provide a comprehensive Guide to the Babylon 5 universe, and I hope that many people find this site useful in tracking their way through various Babylon 5 plot threads, character developments, and other items of information of varying degrees of relevance and/or completism.  Episodes are listed in order of Transmission, however just to confuse myself I have labelled episodes according to order of Production.

Naturally, those new to the series are bound to find SPOILERS in details of episodes they may not yet have seen.  Read ahead at your own risk!  Entries for each episode are kept as spoiler-free as possible regarding future events, though links to future episodes are provided where plot threads are followed up.  The character biographies in the Index section also contain spoilers regarding the characters up to their last known appearance in the Babylon 5 universe, so be warned.

A note about Navigation.
The contents frame on the left is designed to allow the browser access to the main areas of this site.  The "Main" button will bring you to this page.  Clicking on either the Babylon 5 or Crusade logos will provide further options for navigating between respective seasons (click on the logo again to make the Season links disappear).  The Legend of the Rangers link will take you to the synopses page for the one-off 2002 telemovie.  The Telemovies link will take you to a contents page listing all five Babylon 5 movie-length features, including the pilot.

The Index link opens a new browser window, and clicking on either the Babylon 5 or Crusade logos at the top of this page will provide a list of all major characters in each series.  Clicking on any entry in this list will open a page of character biographies with relevant links to episodes (taking into consideration the SPOILER warning above!).  Links are also provided to character biogs within the episode listings, however when clicked these will open in the main frame of the currently open window.  Just use your browser's Back and Forward navigation buttons to find your way back where you were.

The In Print section (I may also refer to it throughout this website as a "Fiction" section) provides a list of all fiction-related Babylon 5 publications (basically, the books and comics).  As a majority of these publications are considered "canon" (that is, an officially-accepted part of the Babylon 5 universe (read: if JMS says so)) these are provided with links to the relevant storylines of episodes as well.

The Chronology section is a timeline of major events in the Babylon 5 universe from the dawn of the Universe to the end of the Earth.

The Links page speaks for itself, and the E-Mail button does too (please note that I have pre-provided a subject line so that I can distinguish any mail about this site from the endless spam in my mailbox!).


This Episode Guide was compiled with the invaluable help of Andy Lane's excellent unofficial definitive reference books, The Babylon File Volumes 1 and 2 (Virgin Publishing, 1997/9), Jane Killick's Season by Season guides (DelRey/Boxtree, 1998), the Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5, along with numerous other websites (check out the Links page), plus other magazines, books, and, of course, the entirety of the series itself.

If you have any suggestions, queries, comments or corrections, please feel free to e-mail me.