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Prehistory - 2000-2257 - 2258-2262 - 2263-2281 - Future History

Please note that all dates are based on the Earth calendar, and many entries are approximations only.


15 Billion BC The creation of the Universe.  
7 Billion BC The first of the First Ones appear.  These beings (including Lorien) are truly immortal, barring accidents, and it is only later that races with finite life spans evolve.
Other races of First Ones (including the Vorlons and Shadows) begin to emerge.  This era would come to be labelled the First Age of Mankind.
Whatever Happened to Mr Garibaldi?
1 Million BC Gateway to Thirdspace opened.  Following initial emergence of beings from Thirdspace, the gateway is sealed closed and set adrift in hyperspace. Thirdspace
  Other First Ones begin to leave the galaxy, passing beyond the Rim, leaving the Vorlons and Shadows (and various others) behind. Into the Fire
  The Vorlons and Shadows begin to wage war.  The Shadows are driven away from Z'ha'dum on various occasions, only to return again seeking out Lorien.  
  One particularly evil and violent race, the Hand, is banished from our galaxy. The Legend of the Rangers
500,000 BC The Vindrizi, a symbiote race, are created to observe and preserve the Universe's history. Exogenesis
9000 BC The last great war between the Shadows and other First Ones.  Subsequently, both Vorlons and Shadows begin covertly influencing the younger races towards their own ends; the Vorlons on the side of Order, the Shadows promoting evolution through Chaos and Destruction.  Thus began the Second Age of Mankind.  
5000 BC An unknown species begins construction of a network of jumpgates across the galaxy. To Dream in the City of Sorrows
300 AD The Centauri wipe out another sentient species on their own planet, the Xon. The Parliament of Dreams
1100 The Minbari begin to explore space, and encounter the ancient network of jumpgates.  
1200 Shadow activity increases, on the homeworlds of the Ikarrans, the Markab and the Narn.  G'Quan observes the Shadows on the Southern Continent of the Narn homeworld and writes of it in the Book of G'Quan.  When the Narn attack, the Shadows retaliate by exterminating all Narn telepaths.  G'Quan eventually drove them away with the help of the last of their telepaths. Matters of Honor, Ship of Tears
  The Shadows provide technology to the Taratimude race to allow them to become "techno-mages", in the hope they will side with them in the conflict.  Instead, Wierden founds the Code of the Techno-mages to steer them toward peace and harmony.  Despite this, techno-mage technology is still provided to the ruling Circle of the Techno-mages from the Shadows via their various servants. Summoning Light
1250 The First Great Shadow War begins.  The Minbari join the First Ones (including the Vorlons) to fight against the darkness. In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum
1260 Jeffrey Sinclair and his assistant Zathras arrives through a time rift with Babylon 4, sent from the future to serve as a command base for the Minbari in the Shadow War.  With the aid of a triluminary, Sinclair has transformed himself into Minbari, and as Valen leads the Minbari to victory against the Shadows.
After the War, many more First Ones leave the galaxy, however the Vorlons and Shadows remain, albeit reclusively.
War Without End, Part II
1260-1350 Valen unites the Minbari Warrior, Religious and Worker Casts and forms the Grey Council.  He also forms and leads the Anla'Shok (the Rangers) to fight against the Shadows.  (It is possible that Sinclair's girlfriend Catherine Sakai joined him in the past, and had children together.)
The Minbari begin to notice that their "soul pool" is diminishing: the souls of dead Minbari are not returning, but instead being "siphoned off" somewhere else.
To Dream in the City of Sorrows
1750 The Great Machine on Epsilon 3 is constructed by an ancient race shortly before they become extinct.  Its purpose is to ensure that Babylon 4 does indeed make it back through time safely. A Voice in the Wilderness
11 Nov 1888 The Vorlons abduct Sebastian (otherwise known as Jack the Ripper) from England, Earth. Comes the Inquisitor

Prehistory - 2000-2257 - 2258-2262 - 2263-2281 - Future History


12 Apr 2028 Earth's Lunar Colony is established. The Illusion of Truth
2050's Vorlons begin abducting humans to enhance telepathic abilities. Dark Genesis
2075 - 2090 Earth Alliance established, although not all nations on Earth are yet members.  There is a long-term push to colonise Mars. Dark Genesis
2107 United Nations is dissolved. The Gathering
2113 The Centauri conquer the Narn.  
2115 Telepathy is proven as a legitimate scientific phenomenon on Earth. Dark Genesis
2117 The Metasensory Regulation Authority is established to keep a record of all telepaths. Dark Genesis
2132 EarthDome is constructed in Geneva.  
2150 The Centauri Empire begins to decline.  
7 Apr 2155 The humans make First Contact with the Centauri, who claim that the Earth is, in fact, a long-lost Centauri colony.
The Centauri provide jumpgate technology to the humans.
The Foundationist religion begins to develop on Earth.
2160 San Diego is destroyed in a nuclear explosion by terrorists. The Gathering
12 Apr 2161 Psi Corps founded as a means of tracking and regulating all telepaths on Earth.  Telepaths are either registered, or given suppressant drugs if the subject elects to, or imprisoned if they fail to comply with any of these laws. The Illusion of Truth, Dark Genesis
2165 Proxima 3 becomes the first human colony established outside Earth's solar system.  
2169 Colonists migrate to Mars, making it a viable, sustainable colony.  
2170 The telepath underground movement grows, undermining Psi Corps' authority. Dark Genesis
2177 The Mars Colony dome is destroyed in an attack by Earth Isolationist terrorists. Midnight on the Firing Line
Jul 2189 Telepath underground leaders Fiona and Matthew Dexter have a child, Steven Kevin.  They are both killed when the underground movement is crippled by Psi Corps, the director of which, Kevin Vacit, is Fiona's father, who adopts Steven into the Corps and christens Alfred Bester. Dark Genesis
2190 A second Mars colony is established, along with a growing "Free Mars" movement.  
2200 Mars colony begins lobbying for independence from Earth.
Delenn is born on Minbar.
2208 Bester is accepted into Psi Cops. Deadly Relations
2210 The Narn win independence from the Centauri. And Now for a Word
3 May 2218 Jeffrey David Sinclair born on Mars Colony. And the Sky Full of Stars
2220 John Sheridan born.  
23 Feb 2221 Michael Garibaldi born.  
2224 Stephen Franklin born.  
9 Dec 2225 Lyta Alexander born.  
2226 Matthew Gideon born.  
2230 Talia Winters born.  
30 Aug Susan Ivanova born in St Petersburg.  
2230s The Dilgar attack the League of Non-Aligned Worlds, sparking a major conflict which draws Earth to become involved. Deathwalker
  The Minbari hear of the humans but do not attempt contact.  Delenn becomes an acolyte of the Grey Council. In the Beginning
  This is an "era of optimistic expansion" for Earth.  
2235 Galen is born to Techno-mage parents.  
2237 Jeffrey Sinclair enlists in Earthforce.  
2238 John Sheridan enlists in Earthforce.  
2242 Elizabeth Lochley, following the death of her friend Zoe, enlists in Earthforce. Day of the Dead
2243 John Sheridan and Elizabeth Lochley are married for three months following time at the Officer Training Academy. Strange Relations
2244 The Vorlons (including Kosh) associate with the Minbari leader, Dukhat, in order to prepare for the looming Second Shadow War.  They know that the humans will be instrumental in the conflict. In the Beginning
2245 Delenn becomes a fully initiated member of the Grey Council.  Londo Mollari serves as a representative of the Centauri on Earth, and G'Kar of the Kha'Re (the Narn Ruling Circle) represents the Narn (in more of an unofficial capacity).
Dukhat tries to encourage the Grey Council to acknowledge the Shadows may indeed be returning, but still does not inform them of the presence of the Vorlons.
Atonement, In the Beginning
Nov 2245 The Earthforce ship Prometheus encounters a Minbari cruiser (carrying the Grey Council) with its gun ports open, assuming it to be hostile.  The Prometheus opens fire first, killing Dukhat.  Delenn has the deciding vote over whether to retreat or pursue the humans - she elects in a moment of rashness to eliminate them.
The Earth-Minbari War begins.
In the Beginning
2246 John Sheridan destroys the Minbari cruiser Black Star, becoming the only human to successfully destroy a Minbari ship during the War.
Delenn discovers that Dukhat had been associating with Vorlons, and comes to the realization that they have made a terrible mistake going to War with the humans.
Points of Departure, In the Beginning
  Galen's Techno-mage parents are killed in a shuttle accident - caused by themselves.  Galen is adopted to be trained by Elric. Casting Shadows,  Invoking Darkness, The Long Road
2247 After the death of her brother in the War, Susan Ivanova joins Earthforce.  Marcus Cole is drafted in.  
Early 2248 The Mars Government declares its neutrality in the War.
The Minbari fleet moves in on Earth, resulting in humanity's last stand at the Battle of the Line.  Squadron leader Jeffrey Sinclair is captured by the Minbari, who discover Minbari souls have been emerging in humans.  The Minbari surrender to Earth, without explanation.  Sinclair's memory of his 24 hours in captivity is wiped and he is ejected back into space.
The Gathering, And the Sky Full of Stars, In the Beginning
2249 The Earth Alliance President Elizabeth Levy proposes the "Babylon Project", which is supported by many of the other races and the League of Non-Aligned Worlds.  Construction of the first Babylon station begins.
John Sheridan and Anna Keller are married.
Early 2250's Three Babylon stations are constructed and all three are sabotaged and/or destroyed prior to completion.  Human determinism drives them to keep trying. The Gathering
2251 Food riots on Mars are brutally quashed by Earthforce.  Jeffrey Sinclair meets John Sheridan, and Laurel Takashima, Head of Mars Security.  
2253 Interplanetary Expeditions (IPX) unearths a Shadow vessel from the surface of Mars, which is soon after retrieved by another Shadow vessel.  IPX have a probe planted on the ship which tracks it to Alpha Omega 3 (otherwise known as Z'ha'dum), on the galactic rim. Messages from Earth
2254 Babylon 4 constructed, completed and made operational.  24 hours after coming online, it vanishes without trace. Babylon Squared, War Without End
2255 Construction of Babylon 5 commences.
After an association with Sinclair, recovering alcoholic Garibaldi is gainfully employed in security division of Mars colony, where he also has a relationship with Lise Hampton.
May 2256 A shuttle accident kills five hundred people, including the wife and daughter of archaeolinguist, Morden. The Shadow Within, Invoking Darkness
July 2256 IPX discover ancient ruins on Alpha Omega 3 and consider mounting an expedition.  Anna Sheridan and Morden are chosen to join the crew of the Icarus to investigate the planet.  Upon arriving, they discover the Shadows are re-awakening.  The ship is destroyed and all crew assumed lost.
Anna Sheridan and Morden are recruited by the Shadows.
Babylon 5 is completed and goes online.
In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum, The Shadow Within
Jan 2257 Jeffrey Sinclair chosen by Minbari and Earth to command Babylon 5, and Delenn is appointed Minbari Ambassador to keep watch over him.  He chooses Garibaldi to be Chief of Security, and Laurel Takashima as Second-in-Command.  Lyta Alexander is resident telepath.  Ambassador G'Kar represents the Narn, and Ambassador Mollari is sent by the Centauri, who do not consider the position a particularly important one.
The Vorlons send Kosh as a delegate to Babylon 5 - and he is attacked upon arrival by an assassin.
The Gathering
Mar 2257 Lyta Alexander and Dr Benjamin Kyle are recalled to Earth from Babylon 5 after having close contact with the Vorlon.  
Late 2257 Laurel Takashima is recalled to Earth, and replaced with Susan Ivanova.  

Prehistory - 2000-2257 - 2258-2262 - 2263-2281 - Future History

2258 - 2262

Jan 2258 The Narn invade Ragesh 3.
Babylon 5's new resident telepath, Talia Winters, arrives on the station, as does Londo Mollari's attache, Vir Cotto.
Luis Santiago re-elected President of Earth.
Midnight on the Firing Line
Feb 2258 Steven Franklin arrives on Babylon 5, to assume position of Chief Medical Officer. Soul Hunter
Late Mar 2258 Delenn's attache, Lennier, arrives on Babylon 5, as does Na'Toth, a new aide for G'Kar, to replace Ko'Dath, who was killed in a mysterious airlock accident.
Delenn stages the first nafak'cha ceremony on Babylon 5.
The Parliament of Dreams
Apr 2258 Sinclair is interrogated by two rogue "Knights" regarding the missing 24 hours of his life during the Battle of the Line. And the Sky Full of Stars
  Alfred Bester makes his first visit to Babylon 5. Mind War
Jul 2258 Morden makes his first appearance on Babylon 5, representing the Shadows.  They choose to make their alliance with Centauri Ambassador Londo Mollari. Signs and Portents
Aug 2258 Rioting increases on Mars.
The Great Machine on Epsilon 3 is discovered.
A Voice in the Wilderness
Sept 2258 Babylon 4 reappears in Sector 14.  Sinclair and Garibaldi investigate and manage to evacuate the station before it disappears again.
Sinclair, Sheridan, Delenn, Ivanova and Marcus (who have travelled back from 2260) protect the temporally-fluctuating station from attack by Shadow agents, ensuring that it does indeed make its journey through time safely.
Delenn refuses leadership of the Grey Council.
Babylon Squared, War Without End
Nov 2258 Dr Franklin discovers an alien healing device on Babylon 5. The Quality of Mercy
  The Order of Techno-mages attend a convocation on the planet Soom and elect to flee the galaxy to avoid the oncoming Shadow War.  Galen is initiated into the Techno-mage order, and enters a relationship with a fellow mage, Isabelle. Casting Shadows
Dec 2258 The Narn outpost in Quadrant 37 is destroyed by Shadows.
Earth President Luis Santiago is killed when his ship, Earthforce One, explodes near the jump point on Io.  Garibaldi is shot when he uncovers the plot.
Delenn enters a chrysalis to begin her transformation into a half-human.
  Galen and Isabelle track rogue Techno-mages allied with the Shadows; Isabelle is killed by one of the mages. Casting Shadows, The Path of Sorrows
Jan 2259 William Morgan Clark is appointed President of the Earth Alliance.
Sinclair is recalled to Earth.  Captain John Sheridan is assigned command of Babylon 5.  Delenn emerges from her chrysalis.
Points of Departure
  On Minbar, Sinclair is accused of an assassination attempt on the Grey Council leader. The Price of Peace
  Investigating the mysterious attacks on the Narn, G'Kar discovers that the ancient enemy, the Shadows, may indeed be returning, and returns to Babylon 5 with this information. Revelations
  The Drazi ritual fighting period begins: in a long-held tradition (instigated by the Shadows), the Drazi randomly split into two factions, the Purple and the Green, and each one tries to eliminate the other.
Londo Mollari begins his association with Lord Refa.
The Geometry of Shadows
  A delegation of Techno-mages arrives on Babylon 5, as part of their journey out of known space.  Uncovering Shadow activity (including the excavation of a Shadow vessel) on Thenothk 4, Galen discovers the truth about Techno-mage technology.  As the mages leave known space, Galen intercepts Matthew Gideon, stranded when his ship the Cerberus is destroyed by a secret Earth ship built with Shadow technology. The Geometry of Shadows, Summoning Light, The Path of Sorrows
Feb 2259 There are increased sightings of Shadow vessels in hyperspace. A Distant Star
  Jeffrey Sinclair is appointed Entil'zha (Ranger One), of the Anla'Shok. To Dream in the City of Sorrows
Mar 2259 Bester uncovers an underground railroad on Babylon 5 (being operated by Dr Franklin), which is transporting telepaths away from Psi Corps influence.
Captain Sheridan begins a courtship with Ambassador Delenn.
A Race Through Dark Places
Apr 2259 The Centauri Emperor arrives on Babylon 5 to attempt peace with the Narn; however, Londo Mollari and Refa have other plans, but the Emperor dies before they have a chance to carry them out.  Heralding the new glory days of the Centauri Republic, Mollari arranges another attack on the Narn.  War is officially declared between the Centauri and the Narn.
Cartagia succeeds Turhan as Emperor of the Centauri.
The Coming of Shadows
Jun 2259 The underground railroad helps Lyta Alexander escape from Psi Corps.  She joins with the Mars Resistance. The Face of the Enemy
Jul 2259 After losing his brother in a Shadow attack on the Arisia Mining Colony, Marcus Cole joins the Rangers on Minbar.  Catherine Sakai enlists also. Matters of Honor, To Dream in the City of Sorrows
  Delenn is removed from the Grey Council and replaced by Neroon, a member of the Warrior Caste.
An underground movement begins on Earth, opposed to President Clark's policies.  General Hague travels to Babylon 5 seeking Sheridan's support.
All Alone in the Night
  The Lumati enter the Alliance.  G'Kar requests food and medical assistance for the embattled Narn from Sheridan and Delenn.
Na'Toth leaves Babylon 5 to join the Narn resistance.
Acts of Sacrifice
Aug 2259 President Clark's physician, Dr Everett Jacobs, arrives on Babylon 5 with sensitive information regarding Clark's part in the assassination of President Santiago. Hunter, Prey
Sept 2259 36 Hours on Babylon 5 is compiled and transmitted by ISN.  The Centauri are discovered to be smuggling weapons of mass destruction through the station. And Now For a Word
  Sheridan discovers from Kosh and Delenn what happened to the Icarus expedition, and learns about the Shadows and the Great War.
Nightwatch, a division of President Clark's Ministry of Peace, begins recruiting.  Its aim is to weed out traitors and sedition amongst Earth colonies.
In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum
Nov 2259 A virulent plague known as the "Drafa" wipes out the Markab race. Confessions and Lamentations
  Catherine Sakai disappears into the temporal rift in Sector 14 during a battle with the Shadows.  It is possible she travelled back to meet Valen/Sinclair. To Dream in the City of Sorrows
  Lyta Alexander arrives on Babylon 5 to uncover a "sleeper" agent placed there by a top-secret government agency.  It is revealed to be Talia Winters. Divided Loyalties
Dec 2259 The Centauri attack the Narn homeworld with illegal mass-drivers.  The Narn surrender, ending the war.  G'Kar requests sanctuary on Babylon 5. The Long, Twilight Struggle
  Lyta Alexander finds a transport to take her to Vorlon space, where she remains waiting for three days before being taken to the Vorlon homeworld. Passing Through Gethsemane
  The Vorlons send an Inquisitor to interrogate Delenn and Sheridan, to determine if they are up to fighting the Shadows in the coming conflict. Comes the Inquisitor
  The Centauri begin stretching their influence to include the Drazi and Pak'ma'ra territories.  Earth sends a delegation to Babylon 5 to establish a non-aggression pact with the Centauri.
Kosh reveals himself to onlookers on Babylon 5, where he is witnessed as a deity of each races' religions.
Warren Keffer is killed tracking a Shadow vessel in hyperspace, but a recording buoy is discovered and the images broadcast.
The Fall of Night
Jan 2260 Marcus Cole arrives on Babylon 5, including various other alien missionaries hearing of Kosh's appearance.  Brother Theo and his monks also arrive.
Lyta Alexander, modified by the Vorlons, returns to Babylon 5.
Matters of Honor, Convictions, Passing Through Gethsemane
Feb 2260 Ivanova uses the Great Machine to attempt to contact the remaining First Ones to help fight the Shadows.  She uncovers information regarding President Clark's assassination of President Santiago.  She and Marcus travel to Sigma 957 and meet the "Walkers". Voices of Authority
  Use of Dust, a telepathy-inducing drug, increases on Babylon 5.  Bester arrives to investigate.  G'Kar has a deep psychological experience with it when he mentally violates Londo Mollari.
Imprisoned after his attack on Londo, G'Kar begins to write a journal of his experiences and philosophy.
Dust to Dust
  A Shadow vessel is unearthed on Ganymede. Messages From Earth
Mar 2260 Sheridan takes the White Star to battle the Shadow awakened on Ganymede.
President Clark declares Martial Law on Earth and its colonies.
Messages From Earth
Apr 2260 G'Kar is released from imprisonment, where he and his fellow Narn assist Captain Sheridan in ridding Babylon 5 of Clark's strongarm force, Nightwatch.  The Narn assume control of Security on Babylon 5.
Mars refuses to implement Clark's order of Martial Law.
Lady Morella provides Londo Mollari with a prediction of his Emperor-hood.
Point of No Return
  Conflict arises with Earthforce ranks regarding President Clark's authority.  Sheridan's contact with the underground anti-Clark movement, General Hague, is killed in battle.
Orion 7 and Proxima 3 declare independence from the Earth Alliance.  Babylon 5 soon follows.  ISN is taken off the air.
Severed Dreams
May 2260 Delenn tries to re-stage the nafak'cha ceremony on Babylon 5. Ceremonies of Light and Dark
July 2260 ISN resumes broadcasting, as a tool of propaganda for the Clark administration.
A shipment of telepaths bound for the Shadows is intercepted by Sheridan, with Bester's help.
The Shadows begin to attack other races more openly.
Ship of Tears
Aug 2260 The Shadows attack Brakiri space.
Sheridan confronts Kosh about the Vorlons getting involved with the war.  They do, but Kosh is attacked and killed by Morden and the Shadows.
Dr Franklin resigns from his position due to a stim addiction.
Interludes and Examinations
  Jeffrey Sinclair and Delenn receive handwritten messages from Valen.  Sinclair travels to Babylon 5, and then with Sheridan, Delenn, Ivanova, Marcus and Zathras, they travel to Sector 14 to find Babylon 4 so that Sinclair can prepare for his destiny.
During this time, Sheridan becomes "unstuck in time" and experiences flash-forwards to 2278.
War Without End
Oct 2260 The Shadows continue attacking randomly.
The new Vorlon Ambassador arrives on Babylon 5.
Nov 2260 Delenn becomes the new Entil'zha of the Rangers. Grey 17 is Missing
  Following the death of Elric, the Circle of Techno-mages allow Galen to leave the hiding place to protect the mages from the Shadows. Invoking Darkness
Dec 2260 Sheridan begins to recruit telepaths for the war against the Shadows.
Londo plots the demise of his co-conspirator, Lord Refa.
Galen visits Babylon 5 on his mission for the Techno-mages.
The White Star fleet is unveiled to Sheridan.
And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place, Invoking Darkness
  A major battle against the Shadows takes place in Sector 83.
Dr Franklin returns to MedLab.
Shadow Dancing
  Anna Sheridan arrives on Babylon 5.  Sheridan travels with her to Z'ha'dum, where he uses the White Star to destroy a Shadow base, and jumps into the abyss.
Garibaldi is abducted aboard his starfury by a Shadow vessel outside Babylon 5.
Shadow Dancing, Z'ha'dum
  Having infiltrated Z'ha'dum and provided some assistance to Sheridan, as well as gaining a new understanding of mage tech, Galen returns to the hiding place. Invoking Darkness
Jan 2261 Emperor Cartagia enters an alliance with the Shadows, giving them sanctuary on Centauri Prime.
Garibaldi is handed over to the Psi Corps by the Shadows.  In a secret facility on Mars, he is conditioned by Bester to spy for him.
Delenn, Ivanova and Lyta search for Sheridan at Z'ha'dum.  Sheridan himself meets Lorien, who restores his life-force.
G'Kar goes in search of Garibaldi only to be captured by the Centauri.  Londo enlists G'Kar's help to overthrow the Emperor.
The Hour of the Wolf, Whatever Happened to Mr Garibaldi?
Late Jan 2261 In search of more First Ones, Ivanova and Marcus discover a Vorlon fleet in hyperspace.  Sheridan returns with Lorien to Babylon 5. The Summoning
Feb 2261 The Vorlons increase their attacks against the enemy, destroying entire populated worlds touched by Shadows.  The second Vorlon Ambassador is killed on Babylon 5.  A wounded Sheridan is given another 20 years of life by Lorien.
G'Kar loses an eye when Emperor Cartagia orders it removed.
Falling Towards Apotheosis
  The Shadows begin to use a "Planet Killer", a giant deadly weapon that decimates entire worlds. The Long Night
  Emperor Cartagia is assassinated on Narn.  Londo Mollari is nominated to the position of Prime Minister.  
  Londo destroys the Shadow outpost on Centauri Prime, and has Morden executed.  The Vorlons close in on Centauri Prime.  Sheridan's Army of Light battles the Shadows at Corianis 6.  With Lorien's help, he persuades the Vorlons and the Shadows to leave the galaxy, and allow the younger races to evolve and develop under their own terms.
The Shadow War is ended, and all First Ones have departed the galaxy.  Thus begins the Third Age of Mankind.
Into the Fire
Late Feb 2261 A Centauri Regent is appointed while a new Emperor is decided.
Garibaldi resigns as Head of Security of Babylon 5.
President Clark begins new strategies to isolate Babylon 5.
Z'ha'dum is destroyed by the servants of the Shadows to protect their secrets.
The Centauri Regent is implanted with a Keeper by servants of the Shadows, controlling his actions.
Mar 2261 An ISN news team compiles a story about Babylon 5.
Sheridan's family farm burns down and his father disappears.
The Illusion of Truth
12 Apr 2261 ISN propaganda programme about Babylon 5 aired. The Illusion of Truth
May 2261 Thirdspace gateway artefact discovered in hyperspace and taken to Babylon 5.  Chaos ensues. Thirdspace
Jun 2261 Delenn recalled to face the Dreaming on Minbar.  Her marriage to Sheridan is begrudgingly approved by the Minbari.
Franklin and Marcus sent to Mars to contact the Resistance.
  Franklin and Marcus establish an alliance with the Resistance on Mars to help overthrow President Clark. Racing Mars
  Sheridan proposes an anti-propaganda "Voice of the Resistance" broadcast network, to be fronted by Susan Ivanova.
In-caste fighting breaks out on Minbar.  Investigating, Delenn discovers the Drakh, servants of the Shadows, stirring things up behind the scenes.
Lines of Communication
Jul 2261 Garibaldi begins working covertly for Mars tycoon William Edgars, learning that his ex-girlfriend Lise Hampton is married to him.
The Voice of the Resistance network goes on-line.
Conflicts of Interest
  Sheridan forms a mutual defence pact with the League of Non-Aligned Worlds.
Delenn and Neroon begin working together to halt the growing civil war on Minbar.
Rumours, Bargains and Lies
Aug 2261 The Warrior Caste demand the Religious Caste surrender.  Delenn challenges Shakiri, the Warrior Caste leader, to stand in the Starfire Wheel.  He refuses, Delenn endures it, Neroon is killed by it.
Delenn reforms the Grey Council; the Worker Caste now have five positions, the Religious and Warrior Castes have two each, and the position of leader remains vacant.
Lyta Alexander, pressed to find a source of income, is forced to rejoin Psi Corps "in name only", as part of a deal with Bester.
Clark's slaughter of innocent civilians prompts Sheridan to act against him.
Moments of Transition
Sept 2261 The Centauri and the Narn agree to help Sheridan's cause against Earth.
Sheridan liberates Proxima 3, blockaded by Earthforce destroyers.
Garibaldi leaves Babylon 5 for Mars.
No Surrender, No Retreat
  Garibaldi meets Edgars on Mars.
Sheridan devises a plan to use the comatose telepaths rescued from the Shadows against Earthforce.
Exercise of Vital Powers
  Garibaldi arranges Sheridan's capture on Mars.  Ivanova takes command of the fleet which is approaching Mars.
Bester learns about Edgars' plan to wipe out the telepaths through Garibaldi, and Psi Corps move in, killing Edgars and his aides.  Garibaldi's mind is restored.
The Face of the Enemy
Oct 2261 Sheridan is interrogated by Earthforce on Mars. Intersections in Real Time
  Other Earthforce ships join Sheridan's advance toward Earth.
Garibaldi is captured by Mars Resistance, and helps them mount a rescue for Sheridan.  The White Star fleet encounters Clark's advanced destroyer ships built with Shadow technology.  Ivanova is severely injured in the battle.  Sheridan returns to command the fleet from the Agamemnon.
Between the Darkness and the Light
Nov 2261 With the help of the telepaths planted aboard Earthforce ships to disrupt their systems, Sheridan defeats Clark's forces near Mars.
Marcus abandons the fleet to take Ivanova back to Babylon 5.
Sheridan's fleet arrives at Earth.  President Clark commits suicide, and the fleet stops the planetary defence grid from firing upon Earth.
  Marcus sacrifices his life to save Ivanova's using the alien healing machine.
Susanna Luchenko of the Russian Consortium assumes position of EarthGov President.
Londo is recalled to Centauri Prime following the Regent's growing "illness".
Delenn proposes an Interstellar Alliance to the League of Non-Aligned Worlds, and they comply.  They make the announcement to EarthGov and invites them to join.  John Sheridan is appointed President of the Interstellar Alliance.
Rising Star
Dec 2261 Ivanova is promoted to Captain and assigned to a Warlock-class destroyer.
An agreement is reached to free Mars from Earth jurisdiction.
Sheridan and Delenn are married aboard the White Star en route to Babylon 5.
Rising Star
2 Jan 2262 The ISN broadcasts Night Side, discussing Sheridan's position following the fall of Clark and the establishment of the Interstellar Alliance. The Deconstruction of Falling Stars
Jan 2262 Captain Elizabeth Lochley is requested by John Sheridan to command Babylon 5.  A group of rogue telepaths seek sanctuary on the station.
An assassination attempt is made on Sheridan.  He appoints Garibaldi as his personal security adviser.
No Compromise
  Londo Mollari nearly dies after suffering a fatal heart attack.
Lennier leaves Babylon 5 to train as a Ranger.
The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari
Feb 2262 G'Kar drafts a Declaration of Principles for the Interstellar Alliance.
Garibaldi convinces Sheridan to employ the rogue telepaths to help Alliance intelligence.  Lyta Alexander begins a relationship with the telepaths leader, Byron.
The Paragon of Animals
May 2262 Franklin is requested to compile a database of inter-species medical knowledge.
Bester travels to Babylon 5 to apprehend the rogue telepaths.
Londo takes on G'Kar as a personal bodyguard.
Strange Relations
Early Jun 2262 Byron learns of telepaths' origins from Lyta, and is inspired to fight against oppression of telepaths.  His primary goal: to secure a safe homeworld for telepaths where they won't be persecuted. Secrets of the Soul
  The Brakiri celebrate their "Day of the Dead". Day of the Dead
  Alliance ships start being attacked by an unknown enemy.
Unrest among the telepaths increases on Babylon 5.
In the Kingdom of the Blind
16 Jun 2262 Growing unease with the telepaths on Babylon 5 leads Captain Lochley to ask assistance from Bester. A Tragedy of Telepaths
18 Jun 2262 The telepaths take hostages on Babylon 5, but are soon overpowered, and Byron is killed.  Lyta Alexander pledges to continue Byron's fight.  Garibaldi makes an unsuccessful attempt on Bester's life. Phoenix Rising
19 Jun 2262 Psi Corps headquarters on Mars is bombed, and the message "Remember Byron" left at the scene.  
Late Jun 2262 G'Kar discovers the Narn have published his book, naming it The Book of G'Kar, and start revering him as a religious icon.
Garibaldi travels to the Drazi homeworld in search of a witness of the mysterious attacks on Alliance shipping.
The Ragged Edge
Jul 2262 Bester travels to Babylon 5 in search of a telepath murderer. The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father
  Londo selects Vir to replace him as Centauri Ambassador to Babylon 5. Meditations on the Abyss
  Lennier discovers the Centauri are behind the attacks on the Alliance.
Lyta strikes a deal with G'Kar to fund the underground telepath movement in return for telepath DNA for the Narn.
Darkness Ascending
Mid Jul 2262 The Alliance learns the Centauri are responsible for the attacks.  Londo and G'Kar return to Centauri Prime.  The Alliance declares war on the Centauri Republic. And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder
  Sheridan orders the White Star fleet attack any aggressive Centauri ships.  He and Delenn discuss Earth and Minbar sharing technology to construct new ships.
Lyta and Franklin visit the Drazi homeworld and discover Shadow technology is being used to remote-control Centauri ships.
The Drazi and the Narn decide to launch an attack on Centauri Prime.
Movements of Fire and Shadow
  The Centauri Regent is killed in the attack, which devastates much of the planet.  The Centauri surrender.  Londo Mollari meets the Drakh, who implants him with a Keeper, before he is proclaimed Emperor of the Republic. The Fall of Centauri Prime
Late Sept 2262 Attacks against Psi Corps property increases.  Lyta Alexander is arrested, and she strikes a deal with Garibaldi to help him against Bester if he helps her against Psi Corps.
Garibaldi is asked by Lise to help her manage Edgars Industries as her husband.
Delenn becomes pregnant.
Wheel of Fire
Nov 2262 Garibaldi and Lise are married and return to Mars.
Therese Halloran, former leader of the Mars Resistance, replaces Garibaldi as head of Alliance security.
Lyta Alexander leaves Babylon 5 to travel with G'Kar, who wishes to avoid the idolization of his people.
Objects in Motion
Dec 2262 Ta'Lon assumes position of new Narn Ambassador on Babylon 5.
Interstellar Alliance headquarters is constructed on Minbar, and Sheridan and Delenn say goodbye to Babylon 5.  En route, Lennier has a moment of weakness choosing between his love of Delenn or his loyalty to Sheridan, and ashamed of himself, he flees.
Franklin hands his job of B5's Chief Medical Officer to Dr Lillian Hobbes, and leaves to replace Dr Kyle as Head of Xenobiological Research on Earth.
Londo Mollari discovers that alcohol dulls the controlling effects of the Keeper.  He presents Sheridan and Delenn with an urn containing a sleeping Keeper to present to their son on his 16th birthday.
Objects at Rest

Prehistory - 2000-2257 - 2258-2262 - 2263-2281 - Future History

2263 - 2281

Jun 2263 Garibaldi investigates some of the "black projects" still on Edgars' Industries' books.
Captain Lochley has issues with a holo-brothel being open on Babylon 5.
A group of Soul Hunters arrive at Babylon 5 in search of souls stolen from their archives.
The River of Souls
2263 David Sheridan is born.  
2264 Lyta and G'Kar return from their travelling.  Lyta makes good on her promise to help Garibaldi. Final Reckoning
2264 - 2265 The Telepath War, during which Psi Corps is overthrown and Lyta Alexander is killed.  Bester manages to evade captivity.
New rules governing telepaths are implemented.
2265 One of the ancient enemies, the Hand, finds a way out of its imprisonment to threaten the galaxy once more. The Legend of the Rangers
2266 Many telepaths are placed on trial for war crimes. Final Reckoning
Dec 2266 Galen defies the Techno-mages by making contact with outsiders, in an attempt to warn them of increasing Drakh activity.
The Excalibur and the Victory, the result of the shared technology of humans and Minbari, are launched.
The Drakh mount an attack against Earth using a Shadow Planet Killer.  When they are defeated by Sheridan's forces, they infect Earth with a Shadow plague.
Earth's population is given five years to live unless a cure is found.
A Call to Arms
Jan 2267 Earth is quarantined.  Doomsday cults and rioting proliferate.  Matthew Gideon is assigned command of the Excalibur, with a mission to research and locate a possible cure for the plague.  Galen joins him. War Zone
Mar 2267 The Excalibur locates the Well of Forever, where Galen lays Isabelle to rest. The Well of Forever
  EarthGov sends propaganda specialists to the Excalibur to improve its public image. Appearances and Other Deceits
  The Excalibur discovers a planet also devastated by the Shadow plague a thousand years previously. Racing the Night
Apr 2267 Dr Chambers discovers a programmable nano-virus that cans serve as a temporary shielding against the Drakh plague. The Memory of War
13 May 2267 The Excalibur discovers an alien race in the Eridani Sector whose government is framing humans as aliens who are manipulating their planet's government behind the scenes, in order to avoid public unrest and civil war.  Gideon brings an end to this subterfuge, with little regard for the consequences. Visitors From Down the Street
Jun 2267 Dr Franklin comes aboard the Excalibur to study how the Drakh virus infects the human body. Each Night I Dream of Home
2267 Garibaldi and Lise Hampton have a daughter, Mary. Final Reckoning, Sleeping in Light
2270 In response to the growing Drakh problem on Centauri Prime, Vir begins to mount an increasing resistance movement to liberate the Centauri. Armies of Light and Dark
2271 Bester goes into hiding in Paris, where Garibaldi eventually tracks him down and captures him.  Bester is placed on trial, and sentenced to imprisonment as a war criminal, where he is administered telepathy-suppressing drugs. Final Reckoning
2272 Earth is cured of the Drakh plague.  
2277 David Sheridan is presented with Londo's gift, and joined with the Shadow Keeper.  He flees to Centauri Prime. Out of the Darkness
2278 Resistance on Centauri Prime mounts: the Drakh are driven to detonate explosives, devastating the planet again.
Sheridan and Delenn travel to Centauri Prime, hoping to rescue David.
Out of the Darkness
  Sheridan's past self, adrift in time during the events on Babylon 4, emerges when Sheridan is brought before Emperor Mollari, who secretly arranges for his and Delenn's release.  During this time, Londo also tells two Centauri children the story of the Earth-Minbari War.  Finally, Londo and G'Kar mutually strangle each other to death, to allow Sheridan time to escape before the Keeper notices.
Vir succeeds Londo Mollari as Emperor of Centauri Prime.  With the help of the Alliance, he drives the Drakh away from Centauri Prime.  David Sheridan is freed of his Keeper.
War Without End, Part II, In the Beginning, Out of the Darkness
2279 Sheridan steps down from his position as President of the Alliance, succeeded by Delenn. Sleeping in Light
2281 John Sheridan makes a return tour to Babylon 5, then Corianis 6, where the Shadow War was won.  He meets up again with Lorien, and passes with him beyond the Rim.
Babylon 5 is decommissioned and destroyed.
Susan Ivanova becomes the new Entil'zha.
Sleeping in Light
  Bester dies peacefully in his sleep in prison. Final Reckoning

Prehistory - 2000-2257 - 2258-2262 - 2263-2281 - Future History


2 Jan 2362 An aged Delenn interrupts an interstellar broadcast to assure the panel that Sheridan was indeed a great man, and not a manufactured hero or a product of propaganda. The Deconstruction of Falling Stars
Late 2750's Humanity divides into factions, one in support of the Interstellar Alliance and its peaceful goals, the other opposing it, hoping to create a more centrally-dominated state, by decrying the Alliance as a corrupt regime.  
Jan 2762 Escalating conflict between the human factions brings about the Great Burn, which lays the Earth to waste.  Earth is isolated from the galaxy for some time. The Deconstruction of Falling Stars
3260's The Rangers covertly assist in the reconstruction of Earth, with the goal to one day restore humanity to the stars. The Deconstruction of Falling Stars
1,000,000 As Earth's sun goes nova, humanity (now evolved Vorlon-esque energy beings) move to inhabit "New Earth".  It is entirely possible that this is, in fact, the former Vorlon homeworld. The Deconstruction of Falling Stars, The Fall of Centauri Prime