104: Born to the Purple

Written by
Lawrence G. DiTillio

Directed by
Bruce Seth Green

First broadcast week of
7 February 1994

Londo infuriates G'Kar by stalling negotiations to pursue a young female Centauri dancer, Adira Tyree.  But she is actually in the employ of an information trader, Trakis, who is using her to gain access to Londo's "Purple Files", a repository of classified information regarding many leading Centauri families.  Meanwhile, Garibaldi discovers unauthorized use of the Gold communications channel but cannot effectively track the perpetrator.  Adira backs out of meeting with Trakis to hand over the data crystal containing the Purple Files, so Londo seeks Sinclair's help to reclaim them before the Centaurum find out.  With Talia Winters' help to scan the mind of Trakis when G'Kar attempts to make a business deal with him (set up by Sinclair), they head Down Below to find Adira and recover the files.  Garibaldi discovers that it is Ivanova who has been making secret calls - to her ailing father, who dies during the last transmission.   Londo bits Adira farewell as she leaves the station to begin a new life, promising one day to return.

Notes: Adira Tyree's fate is revealed in Interludes and Examinations (see also Day of the Dead).  This is the only appearance of G'Kar's aide Ko'Dath, after actress Mary Woronov resigned from the series.  She was replaced by Na'Toth (see The Parliament of Dreams).

This episode was originally entitled Amaranth.

Guest Cast: Udenia Fabiano (Adira Tyree) played Alotta Fagina in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.  Clive Revill (Trask) provided the voice for the Emperor in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.