108: The Parliament of Dreams

Written by
J. Michael Straczynski

Directed by
Richard Compton

First broadcast week of
21 February 1994

Ambassador DelennCatherine Sakai, an old girlfriend of Sinclair's, arrives on the station during a period of cultural exchange.  Each race demonstrates their own philosophical and religious views; resulting in a massive Centauri feast and a lengthy Minbari renewal festival.  Meanwhile, G'Kar hears that an old rival, Du'Rog, has left a legacy: an assassin hired to kill him.  First of all he suspects his new aide, Na'Toth, but when the real assassin kidnaps him Na'Toth comes to his rescue.  The time period allowed for the assassination passes, and G'Kar plants a sum of money into the assassin Tu'Pari's account to make it appear that he has been bribed not to carry out his mission - an offence punishable by death in Tu'Pari's order.  Sinclair demonstrates the human religious system by inviting a representative of each of Earth's numerous religions aboard the station.

Notes: Delenn attempts to stage the Minbari renewal festival, nafak'cha, again in Ceremonies of Light and Dark.  Delenn says to Lennier "I cannot have an aide who will not look up, or you will be forever walking into things": an echo of the line Dukhat spoke to Delenn when she first met him (Atonement, In the Beginning).  Londo talks about the Xon, another sentient species which evolved on Centauri Prime, but were wiped out thousands of years before by the Centauri.

This episode has a sequel of sorts in the novel Blood Oath.

This episode was originally entitled Carnival.

The soundtrack of this episode is available on Babylon 5 Volume One.

Guest Cast: This is Julia Nickson's first semi-regular appearance as Sinclair's girlfriend, Catherine Sakai.  It is also Bill Mumy's first appearance as Lennier, Caitlin Brown's debut as Na'Toth, and also the first appearance of N'Grath, the insectoid criminal living in Down Below.