Succeeded Emperor Turhan to the Centauri throne in 2259 (The Coming of Shadows), but unfortunately was thoroughly insane and believed himself to be a living god, and spoke to the severed heads of his enemies late at night.  He invited the Shadows to Centauri Prime after the explosion on Z'ha'dum (The Hour of the Wolf), a move opposed by Londo Mollari.  Londo plotted to dispose of Cartagia - but it was his aide Vir who eventually stabbed him with the poisoned needle (The Long Night).  Apparently he also liked to wear women's clothing (A Tragedy of Telepaths).

Played by Wortham Krimmer.

Emperor Cartagia

Minbari keeper of the Great Machine on Epsilon 3 (A Voice in the Wilderness), who pledged his allegiance to Sheridan for the upcoming war (The Long, Twilight Struggle).   He also provided assistance to seek out the remaining First Ones (Voices of Authority).

Played in A Voice in the Wilderness by Louis Turenne (who was unable to return due to a stroke, but appeared as Brother Theo in Season Three), and afterwards by John Schuck (who appeared in the short-lived colour revival of The Munsters, and also Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, and the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode The Maquis, Part II).


Considered to be the greatest Minbari leader since Valen, he was responsible for mentoring Delenn and introducing her to the Grey Council.  He was killed in the first strike of the Earth-Minbari War, but had already made contact with the Vorlons to make some headway toward fulfilling the prophecy of the coming Shadow War. (Atonement, In the Beginning).

Played by Reiner Shone.


Minbari who was sympathetic toward Captain Sheridan despite other members of his race accusing him of being a tyrant during the Earth-Minbari War (Points of Departure).  He was seen as an authoritative member of the Grey Council (All Alone in the Night) - if not the actual leader (see the comic The Price of Peace and the novel To Dream in the City of Sorrows).

Played by Robin Sachs, who also appeared as the Narn Captain Na'Kal in The Fall of Night and Walkabout, the Narn General Na'Tok in Movements of Fire and Shadow and The Fall of Centauri Prime, and the Minbari Copelann in In the Beginning.  He also played the evil alien Sarris in the film Galaxy Quest, and a character called "Valen" in an episode of Star Trek: Voyager.


Lorien is the First of the First Ones - born when the Universe was young, Lorien just hasn't died yet.  He acted as a mediator and guide for some of the other races of First Ones, including both the Vorlons and the Shadows.  Sheridan met him deep underground on Z'ha'dum (The Hour of the Wolf) where he helped Sheridan back to life both after his fall (Whatever Happened to Mr Garibaldi?) and after the fight to kill the second Vorlon on Babylon 5 (Falling Toward Apotheosis).  He helped Sheridan persuade all the remaining First Ones, including the Vorlons and the Shadows, to get the hell out of their galaxy, and went with them (Into the Fire).   Eventually, he returned to take Sheridan back with him (Sleeping in Light).

Played by Wayne Alexander, who also appeared as Sebastian in Comes the Inquisitor, a Narn in And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place, a Drazi in Intersections in Real Time, a Drakh in Movements of Fire and Shadow, The Fall of Centauri Prime and A Call to Arms, and an apparition in The River of Souls.


Insectoid criminal boss and arms supplier in Babylon 5's Down Below.  Both G'Kar and Garibaldi have sought his help (The Parliament of Dreams and Survivors respectively).  (In the novel Clark's Law it is stated that N'Grath is Trakallan, from a planet orbiting the star Beta Lyrae).

N'Grath is an animatronic puppet.


G'Kar's second aide (the first was Ko'Dath, Born to the Purple) who first appeared in The Parliament of Dreams, was played by a new actress as of Points of Departure, and disappeared altogether following Acts of Sacrifice.  Two years later, she was found by G'Kar and Londo imprisoned and forgotten on Centauri Prime, where they worked to send her back to Narn (The Tragedy of Telepaths).

Played by Julie Caitlin Brown (Season 1, The Tragedy of Telepaths (Season 5)) and Mary Kay Adams (Season 2).  Julie Caitlin Brown had auditioned for the roles of Delenn and Ivanova.


Alyt and, eventually, Shai'Alyt of the Warrior Caste (Legacies), who strongly protested the Minbari surrender to Earth, Sinclair's transfer to Minbar (the comic The Price of Peace), and the appointment of humans to the Rangers (the novel To Dream in the City of Sorrows).  He replaced Delenn on the Grey Council (All Alone in the Night), but unsuccessfully challenged her position as Ranger One (Grey 17 is Missing), before forming an uneasy alliance with her to halt the fighting between the Warrior and Religious Castes on Minbar (Rumours, Bargains and Lies).  He eventually dies realizing that perhaps he was really Religious at heart after all (Moments of Transition).

Played by John Vickery, who also appeared as Mr Welles in the episodes The Fall of Night and Crusade: Appearances and Other Deceits.  He appeared recently as a Klingon in en episode of Enterprise.


Political plotter who allied himself with Londo Mollari in trying to overthrow Emperor Turhan (The Geometry of Shadows, The Coming of Shadows, Knives).   He managed to convince Londo to bring in the Shadows for the final conquest of Narn (The Long, Twilight Struggle) before associating with the Shadows himself after Londo refused to participate any further (Matters of Honor).   Londo introduced him to one half of a fatal poison to convince him to sever his associations (Ceremonies of Light and Dark), before he was killed outright by a bunch of very angry Narn (is there any other kind?) (And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place).

Refa was survived by his daughter, Senna, who became a close personal confidante to Emperor Londo Mollari (The Long Night of Centauri Prime).

Played by William Forward.


Narn warrior first encountered by Sheridan in 2259 aboard a Streib ship (All Alone in the Night) before arriving on Babylon 5 the following year as a bodyguard (A Day in the Strife) and later to help G'Kar organize the Narn security personnel following the disposal of Nightwatch (Point of No Return).  He returns to Babylon 5 in 2262 to help G'Kar come to terms with his new religious standing (The Ragged Edge) - and G'Kar eventually chooses him to replace him as Narn Ambassador to Babylon 5 after his departure (Objects at Rest).

Played by Marshall Teague, who also appeared as Nelson Drake in the episode Infection and as Captain Daniels in the Crusade episode The Long Road.


Bumbling Centauri official with a liking for pastels (The Quality of Mercy, Sic Transit Vir).  He was appointed Regent following the death of Emperor Cartagia, and was somewhat surprised to find a Shadow implant on his neck afterwards (Epiphanies).  This led to him suffering a strange "illness" (Rising Star), leading him to become reclusive and found by Londo Mollari to be working with the alien Drakh, servants of the Shadows (In the Kingdom of the Blind).  It was his direct orders that led to the Centauri attacking the other races that eventually led to his death during the final attack on Centauri Prime (Movements of Fire and Shadow).

Played by Damian London.

Centauri Regent

Sibling to Zathras, Zathras, Zathras, Zathras, Zathras, Zathras, Zathras, Zathras, and Zathras (Conflicts of Interest), Zathras accompanied Ambassador Sinclair, Sheridan, Delenn and Marcus to Babylon 4 (War Without End, Part I) where he was captured and met by Commander Sinclair and Garibaldi (Babylon Squared) before actually travelling back in time to the first Shadow War to assist Valen (War Without End, Part II) as his loyal aide (the comic In Valen's Name).

According to Draal, none of the Zathrases seemed to be around when wanted (The Long, Twilight Struggle).

Played by Tim Choate, who also appeared as Polix in Crusade: The Rules of the Game.