211: All Alone in the Night

Written by
J. Michael Straczynski

Directed by
Mario di Leo

First broadcast week of
13 February 1995

Sheridan aboard the Strieb shipSheridan heads out in a Starfury to investigate the disappearances of various ships from Babylon 5's vicinity, promising to be back in time for General Hague's imminent arrival.  At the same time, Delenn has been summoned by the Grey Council to justify her continued membership following her transformation.  Sheridan is captured by a large organic vessel whose occupants, the Streib, do not show themselves, but conduct experiments on their prisoners to test their endurance and strength.  During a period of unconsciousness, he has a strange dream possibly influenced by Kosh.

Delenn is removed from the Grey Council but is horrified to find that Neroon has been appointed to take her place - giving the Warrior Caste four positions on the Council, outnumbering the other Castes.  Sheridan manages to free a Narn from their influence, and together they attempt to escape.  When Delenn returns to the station, she hears of Sheridan's capture and leads them to the Streib homeworld where they destroy the ship and find Sheridan and the Narn in an escape pod.  Hague confides to Sheridan that there is a movement building to expose Santiago's assassination, probably at the behest of Psi Corps.  Sheridan agrees to help, and Garibaldi, Ivanova and Franklin lent their support as well.

Notes: Hedronn (Points of Departure) is shown here as leader of the Grey Council, despite the fact that it is a character named Jenimer in the comic The Price of Peace and the novel To Dream in the City of Sorrows (although it appears that Jenimer's role is primarily that of a figurehead: perhaps he remains on Minbar while the Grey Council does the actual work?).  Neroon's appointment as its new member gives the Warrior Caste four positions, the Religious Caste two, and the Worker Caste three.  The Narn aboard the Streib ship, not named here, is Ta'Lon.  The Streib are not obviously linked to the Shadows, however they make an appearance in the novel Invoking Darkness.

Sheridan's dream (given a hurried explanation in Shadow Dancing) features: Ivanova with a raven on her shoulder saying "Do you know who I am?" (see Divided Loyalties); Garibaldi with a dove on his shoulder saying "The man in between is searching for you"; Ivanova in a mourning dress saying "You are the hand"; Sheridan himself in a Psi Corps uniform (see Ship of Tears); and then, when he sees Kosh, asks "Why are you here?", Kosh: "We were never away. For the first time, your mind is quiet enough to hear me", Sheridan: "Why am I here?", Kosh: "You have always been here".  Kosh says this again when Sheridan has returned to the station, which suggests Kosh was directly responsible for the vision.  Variations of this line are heard from Kosh in Matters of Honor, Dust to Dust, Interludes and Examinations, and In the Beginning.  Kosh's link with Sheridan is explored again in Hunter, Prey, There All the Honor Lies, Interludes and Examinations, Walkabout and Falling Toward Apotheosis.

Guest Cast: Robin Sachs returns as Hedronn, John Vickery returns as Neroon, Robert Foxworth returns as General Hague, and Marshall Teague, previously seen as Nelson Drake in Infection, makes his first appearance as Ta'Lon.