Written by
Lawrence G. DiTillio

Directed by
Jim Johnston

First broadcast week of
6 February 1995

General Franklin and SheridanA flotilla of Earthforce ships docks at Babylon 5 to prepare for a top secret raid on the planet Akdor, which has not only requested aid from Earth to quell a civil war, but is also conveniently close to Narn and Centauri territories in the event Earth should take a more active role in the emerging war.  25,000 Earthforce marines (GROPOS: "Ground Pounders") are billeted at the station for the period of their stay, and almost immediately start causing bar-room brawls, threatening the Minbari, and general trouble for the command staff.

One of them, Dodger, flirts with Garibaldi, and Keffer finds himself befriending a seasoned fighter and a young rookie.  However, the man in charge of the expedition is General Richard Franklin, whose son is finally prepared to stand up to him, at much urging from Sheridan and Ivanova to both sides.  When the ships finally depart for their destination, it results in a serious loss of life - including Dodger, and Keffer's friends.

Notes: Garibaldi mentions his hang-ups about his old lover (not named but obviously Lise Hampton - see A Voice in the Wilderness, Babylon Squared), and his feelings for Talia Winters (see Soul Mates).  Dodger is seen again in Day of the Dead.  General Franklin brings some upgraded weaponry for the station in this episode.

Guest Cast: Paul Winfield (General Franklin) has appeared in the films Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, The Terminator, and Mars Attacks!.   Marie Marshall plays PFC Derman (Dodger).