120: A Voice in the Wilderness, Part I

Written by
J. Michael Straczynski

Directed by
Janet Greek

First broadcast week of
25 July 1994

Seismic disturbances on the surface of Epsilon 3 draws the attention of the crew, but any attempt to investigate is thwarted by some form of automated defence system.  Meanwhile, Mars Colony is engulfed in a fully-fledged political revolt.  A mysterious image of an alien calling for help begins to appear on Babylon 5, and Delenn's old mentor Draal also arrives, passing through on his way out of what he feels is a decaying Minbari society.

Sinclair and Ivanova explore the Great MachineGaribaldi is worried about his ex-lover, Lise Hampton, who is still living on Mars, and after a few failed attempts to get a clear channel he asks Talia Winters to gain information through Psi Corps' secret base on Syria Planum.  Sinclair and Ivanova make their way into a deep fissure on Epsilon 3's surface - and discover an enormous underground city of incredibly advanced technology.  In the heart of it all is a single being - the alien in the image, sick and dying.  They decide to take him back to the station.

Notes: Garibaldi knows of the Psi Corps base on Mars from his encounter documented in the comic strip Shadows Past and Present (see also Messages From Earth). Delenn mentions an old teacher, Rathenn, who is seen in War Without End, Part I, Grey 17 is Missing, the comic strip series The Price of Peace and the novel To Dream in the City of Sorrows.

Guest Cast: Draal is played by Louis Turenne, but after suffering a stroke was unable to reprise the role for future episodes (he was replaced by John Schuck). He does, however, return to play the semi-regular character Brother Theo in Season Three.  Curt Lowens (Varn).