115: Legacies

Written by
D.C. Fontana

Directed by
Bruce Seth Green

First broadcast week of
18 July 1994

A Minbari war cruiser arrives at B5, bringing the body of Branmer, a legendary Minbari general and one of the heroes of the Battle of the Line.  It is being carried in state back to Minbar by Alyt Neroon, Branmer's aide for fifteen years.  Garibaldi is concerned that the entourage could spark new emotions between the humans and the Minbari and appears to be proven right when the casket containing the body is stolen.  Ivanova captures a 12-year-old girl stealing food from the Zocalo, but Talia intervenes, claiming the girl is an emerging telepath who requires proper training by the Psi Corps.  Ivanova wants to give the girl, Alisa, a choice, and explains her options to her, including a chance for sanctuary with the other races.  Delenn admits that she took Branmer's body and cremated it to stop Neroon's provocative tour - Branmer was originally a member of the Religious Caste before joining the Warrior Caste.  Alisa decides to leave with the Minbari.

Notes: The Narn need for telepaths is recalled here (see The Gathering and Ship of Tears).  Alisa sees into Delenn's mind and finds the word "chrysalis" (see Chrysalis).

Guest Cast: John Vickery makes his first appearance as Alyt Neroon.