122: Eyes

Written by
Lawrence G. DiTillio

Directed by
Jim Johnston

First broadcast week of
11 July 1994

Two representatives of Earthforce Internal Affairs, Colonel Ari Ben Zayn and telepath Harriman Gray, arrive on Babylon 5 to determine the loyalty of the command staff, in particular Sinclair.  Zayn requests that each member of staff subject themselves to a mind scan, but Ivanova objects to the point of submitting her resignation.  Garibaldi is trying to reconstruct a 1992-vintage motorcycle in his quarters but is facing difficulties - until Lennier offers to help.

Sinclair and ZaynSinclair discovers a legal loophole that prevents the mindscan, to Zayn's annoyance, and it appears that he is willing to go to any lengths to get what he wants - until his real motives are discovered: he was Earth's favoured officer to command Babylon 5 until the Minbari insisted on Sinclair's selection.  When he discovers that Lennier has put a less pollutive Minbari power source on the motorbike, Garibaldi is upset at first but soon takes the despondent Lennier for a spin through the station corridors.

Notes: Factions within EarthGov are unhappy with Sinclair's work on Babylon 5 and want him removed - foreshadowing Clark's presidential policies (see Chrysalis).  The reason for Ivanova's fear of Psi Corps (apart from the treatment of her mother - see Midnight on the Firing Line) and telepaths in general are revealed in Divided Loyalties.  Here we get another hint of a relationship between Ivanova and Talia Winters, also explored in Divided Loyalties.

Harriman Gray is seen again in the first Babylon 5 novel, Voices.  "Eyes" is the slang term for Internal Investigations.

Guest Cast: Jeffrey Coombs (Harriman Gray) played both the Vorta Weyoun and the Ferengi Brunt in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, has more recently appeared as an Andorian in Enterprise, and has also appeared in the films The Frighteners, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer and House on Haunted Hill.  Gregory Martin (Colonel Ari Ben Zayn); Marie Chambers (Sophie Ivanova).  Macaulay Bruton plays one of the Psi Corps agents injecting Ivanova's mother with the telepathy-suppressing drug - he also plays Garibaldi's aide; it is a deliberate piece of casting (see Chrysalis).