#1: Voices

Written by John Vornholt Dell Publishing, 1995

This story takes place shortly after The Geometry of Shadows (Garibaldi is on active duty, however Ivanova is still a Lieutenant Commander, even though she was promoted in that episode).

Book 1: Voices A terrorist attack on a telepath conference on Mars brings the delegates to the relative safety of Babylon 5 - but the terrorists have followed them there, and Bester is injured.  Talia Winters is blamed for the bombing, but Garibaldi and Kosh help her flee the station before Psi Corps can capture her.  She flees with the criminal Deuce to Earth.  Garibaldi tracks the real culprit of the bombing to a commercial telepath named Emily Crane, and with the help of telepathic investigator Harriman Gray, he manages to find her on Mars.  Crane is working with Arthur Maltin, who wants a bill to privatize Psi Corps to pass in the Senate so he can take control.  Talia arrives on Mars and contacts her Uncle Ted, a member of the Free Mars movement, who helps her evade capture.  Maltin is killed by members the Free Mars group, who are angered that he is using their name to commit terrorist acts.

Notes: Talia's "business" with Kosh is recalled from Deathwalker; this time he introduces her to his friend "Invisible Isabel", and she telepathically discovers that there is another person in the room.  She deduces this is part of the gift given to her by Ironheart (Mind War), but could it be her buried secondary personality (Divided Loyalties)?

Recurring Characters: Alfred BesterSenator Hidoshi also makes an appearance.  Harriman Gray appeared in the episode Eyes, and Deuce appeared in Grail and Thirdspace.

John Vornholt is the author of several Star Trek novels, and also wrote the Babylon 5 novel Blood Oath.