319: Grey 17 is Missing

Directed by
John C. Flinn III

First UK broadcast 18 August 1996

First US broadcast week of
7 October 1996

The ZargTelepaths are being recruited to join the fight against the Shadows.  The disappearance of a maintenance worker in Grey sector draws Garibaldi's interest.  And Delenn, following the departure of Sinclair, has been chosen as the new Ranger One.  She decides that the ceremony is to be held on Babylon 5, but Neroon informs her of his intentions to oppose her ascension, believing that only Warrior Caste members should be given the honour of leading the Rangers.  Garibaldi discovers that an entire level of Grey sector has been sealed off and is now inhabited by religious eccentrics led by Jeremiah.  Lennier, having promised not to tell Sheridan of Delenn's dilemma, talks to Marcus instead, who confronts Neroon and fights with him to protect Delenn.  Garibaldi discovers that the only way out of Grey 17 is to die a pure and noble death in the hands of the Zarg, a deadly predator, but decides instead to shoot the creature and break out.  Neroon, realizing that the Rangers are willing to fight for Delenn but not for him, eventually accepts her appointment as Entil'zha.

Notes: Jeremiah's group follows the Minbari belief that people are the Universe made manifest trying to understand itself (Passing Through Gethsemane).  Neroon mentions that the Religious Caste are secretly building warships - see And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place.

Guest Cast: John Vickery returns as Neroon.  Time Winters reprises his role as Rathenn (War Without End, Part I).  Robert Englund (Jeremiah) is best remembered for playing Freddy Kreuger from the Nightmare on Elm Street films, and as Willie the alien from the miniseries and TV series of V.