320: And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place

Directed by
David J. Eagle

First UK broadcast 26 August 1996

First US broadcast week of
14 October 1996

Z Minus 14 Days.

Sheridan becomes increasingly frustrated at not being able to find any logical pattern to the Shadow attacks.  Centauri Minister Virini arrives on the station with Lord Refa to determine which of their now rival families is best kept in favour with the royal court.  Londo has a plan to draw favour from the Emperor by having Vir pass a message to G'Kar that Na'Toth is being kept prisoner on Narn, hoping that G'Kar will leave the safety of the station to rescue her.  Refa captures Vir and uses a telepath to discover Londo's plans - and leaves for Narn hoping to make the capture himself.  Sheridan holds a meeting with Brother Theo, Reverend Dexter and Rabbi Myers who have smuggled information on the resistance movement from Earth.  Dexter expresses his concern that Sheridan is not sharing his problems, and encourages him to confide in Delenn.  The two of them discover that the Shadows are rounding up the refugees in an as yet unattacked sector of space in order to finish them all off in one major strike.  When Sheridan lets slip that he must think like the enemy in order to outwit them, Delenn drags him out to Reverend Dexter's sermon.  G'Kar reveals that Londo had arranged the whole deal to draw Refa to Narn, and when Refa is identified as the mastermind behind the subjugation of Narn he is attacked and killed, framed as a Narn collaborator.  Vir is outraged that Londo used him in such a manner.  Delenn takes Sheridan to reveal to him an entire fleet of newly-constructed White Star ships.

Z Minus 10 Days.

Notes: In Point of No Return, Lady Morella tells Londo that "he cannot kill the one who is already dead": it is possible that this is a reference to Lord Refa as he may as well be already dead given the fact Londo had previously half-poisoned him (Ceremonies of Light and Dark).  Londo accuses Refa of killing Adira Tyree (Interludes and Examinations) although Refa is innocent of this (as Londo discovers in Into the Fire).  Neroon hinted at the construction of the White Star ships in the previous episode, Grey 17 is Missing.  The Minister Virini seen here is not the same as the Centauri Minister who later becomes Regent.

The soundtrack of this episode was released as a limited edition CD.  Marva Hicks performed the song The Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place, which was based on Revelation 6:15-17.

Guest Cast: William Forward makes his last appearance as Lord Refa.  Wayne Alexander (G'Dan) previously appeared as Sebastian (Comes the Inquisitor), and returns as Lorien next season.