221: Comes the Inquisitor

Written by
J. Michael Straczynski

Directed by
Michael Vejar

First UK broadcast 8 August 1995

First US broadcast week of
23 October 1995

Sebastian, the InquisitorDelenn is summoned by Kosh, who informs her that he has called for an Inquisitor to be sent from the Vorlon homeworld - an interrogator who will determine Delenn's allegiances in her preparations for the upcoming war.  Sheridan greets the visitor, Sebastian, a human taken from the Earth in the 19th Century by the Vorlons and kept in suspended animation.  Delenn's interrogation begins, and it is a far more brutal affair than she anticipated.  Sebastian seems to be torturing her because of her "inadequate" answers to his ambiguous, nearly metaphysical questions.

Garibaldi discovers G'Kar is smuggling weapons through the station - but instead of preventing him he arranges an off-station transfer point.  When the other Narn challenge G'Kar's ability, G'Kar asks for help to get messages from their families on the homeworld - which Sheridan is able to do through the Rangers.

Finally, Sheridan interferes in Delenn's inquisition - which Sebastian has been expecting.  They finally seem to satisfy his relentless questioning and he claims that they are indeed the right people, in the right place, at the right time.  A check of the database satisfies Sheridan's suspicions - Sebastian was known more famously in his time as Jack the Ripper...

Notes: Vir is seen here to sympathize with the Narn - a fact followed up in Sic Transit Vir.  One of Sebastian's repeated questions to Delenn is "Who are you?" - a catchcry of the Vorlons (as opposed to the Shadows' own "What do you want?").  The fact that the Vorlons captured Sebastian indicates that they have indeed been to Earth - and Kosh's emergence from his encounter suit in The Fall of Night seems to demonstrate this.

Guest Cast: Wayne Alexander appears as Sebastian; he has played numerous other roles in the series, most notably Lorien.