313: Sic Transit Vir

Directed by
Jésus Treviño

First broadcast week of
15 April 1996

Vir returns from Minbar to discover that his uncle has arranged a marriage between him and a beautiful young Centauri named Lindisty.  A Narn attacks the couple, claiming shon-kar (a blood oath of vengeance), but he is killed by Zack Allen.  Vir assumes the attack was meant for him but it was actually meant for Lindisty, as her father was an executioner on Narn after the war.  Another attacker makes an attempt, but she subdues him, and offers him to Vir to finish the kill - but he refuses.  Ivanova discovers that Vir, using the name "Abrahamo Lincolni" has secretly been transporting Narn to Centauri Prime for passage to safety, faking their death certificates to prevent them from being used as slaves.  Londo is appalled but uses his influence to cover the incident up and have Vir's assignment to Minbar revoked; Lindisty returns to Centauri Prime, still loving of Vir but unable to comprehend his compassion for the Narn.  Ivanova assumes the role of Abrahamo Lincolni herself.  Sheridan unsuccessfully attempts to cook flarn for a dinner date with Delenn.

Notes: Vir was first seen to be sympathetic toward the Narn in Comes the Inquisitor.  Mention is made of the Centauri's six genetalia (see The Quality of Mercy).

The title sic transit vir translates from the Latin, "thus passes the man".

Guest Cast: Damian London returns as the Centauri Minister first seen in The Quality of Mercy. Carmen Thomas appears as Lindisty.