219: The Long, Twilight Struggle

Written by
J. Michael Straczynski

Directed by
John C. Flinn III

First UK broadcast 1 August 1995

First US broadcast week of
16 October 1995

Draal in the Great MachineLondo is recalled to Centauri Prime for consultations on the war effort.  Lord Refa wants Londo to deploy his "associates" to defend a Centauri supply base due to be attacked by a Narn fleet, while a flotilla of Centauri warships bombard the defenceless Narn homeworld.  Meanwhile, Sheridan and Delenn are contacted by Draal, the custodian of the Great Machine on Epsilon 3, who pledges his allegiance in the upcoming Shadow War.  The Narn fleet, led by G'Kar's uncle G'Sten, attacks the base and is wiped out by the Shadows.

Londo watches forlornly from one of the Centauri ships as the Narn homeworld is bombarded and laid to waste by illegal mass-drivers.  The Narn surrender to the Centauri Republic, but the last order of the Kha'Ri is that G'Kar, removed from the Babylon 5 Advisory Council, ask Sheridan for sanctuary - which Sheridan grants, despite vehement protests from Londo.  On Draal's suggestion, Delenn reveals the existence of the Rangers to Sheridan and invites him to share joint command over them.

Notes: Draal and the Great Machine were introduced in A Voice in the Wilderness.  In this episode, he calls for an assistant, Zathras, the name of the alien seen in Babylon Squared and War Without End (although, given Conflicts of Interest, it may not be the same person!).  The Rangers were mentioned in The Coming of Shadows, their overall commander (Entil'zha/Ranger One) being Sinclair, and their leader on the station being Delenn (and now Sheridan).  (Of course, Garibaldi also knows about them.)

Guest Cast: William Forward returns as Lord Refa.  John Schuck appears as Draal; Louis Turenne was unable to return (A Voice in the Wilderness) due to a stroke - his change of appearance is explained as being caused by the Great Machine.  W. Morgan Sheppard (G'Sten) previously appeared in Soul Hunter.