118: Babylon Squared

Written by
J. Michael Straczynski

Directed by
Kim Johnston

First broadcast week of
8 August 1994

Babylon 4Tachyon disturbances are detected in Sector 14, the area of space once occupied by Babylon 4 - which had disappeared without trace 24 hours after going online five years previously.  When the crew receives a distress signal from the station, Sinclair and Garibaldi lead a squadron of fighters and transports to evacuate the station.  Delenn also departs Babylon 5 on a mission of her own - summoned to the Minbari Grey Council.

Met by Major Kranz, Sinclair and Garibaldi discover that B4 and its crew have been displaced in time, and for a moment Sinclair experiences a future flash of something attacking Babylon 5.  A strange alien has also appeared aboard the station during the time-shifting: Zathras, who at first seems enthusiastic at Sinclair's appearance but realizes that he is not "the One".  The station is being taken out of time as a base of operations in a "great war", which the side of light needs to defeat the forces of darkness.

Delenn is offered the opportunity to lead the Grey Council now that ten cycles have passed since Dukhat's death.  However, this would mean the end of her time on Babylon 5, and she declines the offer out of faith to Valen's prophecy.  Evacuating the station, Garibaldi experiences a flashback to the time he left Lise Hampton on Mars.  Eventually, "the One" arrives - a mysterious space-suited figure - and Sinclair and Garibaldi successfully evacuate the station before it disappears again for the last time.  "The One" removes his helmet... revealing himself to be an older Jeffrey Sinclair.  A female figure is with him, urging him that it is time to leave.

Notes: The "other side" of events in this episode are revealed in War Without End.  Delenn is given a triluminary (similar to the one used on Sinclair during his capture (And the Sky Full of Stars)), which is seen again in Chrysalis.  Sinclair's future flash ends in Babylon 5 exploding much as Lady Ladira predicted (Signs and Portents).  Sector 14 is revisited in Knives.

Guest Cast: Kent Broadhurst and Tim Choate return as Major Krantz and Zathras respectively in War Without End.  Denise Gentile reappears as Lise Hampton.