412: Conflicts of Interest

Directed by
David J. Eagle

First broadcast week of
5 May 1997

Garibaldi, Wade and LiseThe Voice of the Resistance broadcasts need extra power to boost the signals, so Ivanova hits on an idea to make use of the Great Machine on Epsilon 3.  Wade approaches Garibaldi to hire him as a bodyguard and an agent to help smuggle a secret cargo through customs - and Garibaldi is surprised to find his old girlfriend, Lise Hampton, is his contact.  She is the wife of Mars medical drug tycoon William Edgars, and the "cargo" is an antidote to a suspected virus harmful to telepaths.  Arriving on Epsilon 3, Ivanova is surprised to find Zathras there - although it is only one of a family of ten (now nine) identical brothers.  Sheridan strikes a deal with Londo and G'Kar to allow his ships into their territories to patrol their borders in defence of any raids on commercial transports and other potential conflicts, such as further appearances of Shadow allies.  Lise and Wade receive their package, and soon after are pursued across the station by telepaths - who kill themselves rather than be caught by station security.  Edgars himself contacts Garibaldi to congratulate him on his performance and to hire him permanently.  The Voice of the Resistance goes on-line.

Notes: Garibaldi's associations with Edgars were first raised in Racing Mars, and his former relationship with Lise Hampton(-Edgars) raised in A Voice in the Wilderness and Babylon Squared.  Lise mentioned in A Voice in the Wilderness, Part II that she was married to a man named Franz - apparently that didn't last long and soon after she married William Edgars.  Garibaldi is watching a classic Warner Bros cartoon of Daffy Duck being manipulated by outside forces...  Ivanova meets one of nine remaining Zathras siblings (Babylon Squared, War Without End), all with the same name (but slight differences in pronunciation).

Guest Cast: Mark Schneider returns as Wade (Racing Mars, Exercise of Vital Powers, The Face of the Enemy); Denise Gentile returns as Lise Hampton; and Tim Choate reappears as Zathras.   Efram Zimbalist Jr (uncredited) provides the voice William Edgars, not seen here but introduced in person in Exercise of Vital Powers.