416: Exercise of Vital Powers

Directed by
John Lafia

First broadcast week of
2 June 1997

Garibaldi meets William EdgarsSheridan continues on his journey toward Earth as Garibaldi finally comes face-to-face with his employer, William Edgars, on Mars.  Franklin realizes Lyta may be a key to reawakening the telepaths from their comatose conditions due to the Shadow implants.  Edgars interrogates Garibaldi about his motives and beliefs before telling him part of his intentions: that he is against Sheridan's overt campaign against Earth, and plans to bring Clark and most specifically Psi Corps down by more surreptitious means.  Edgars fears that Psi Corps seeks to dominate human society, and if Sheridan pushes Clark then Clark will give Psi Corps full powers of intervention.  Garibaldi agrees to help capture Sheridan by tracking down his father, unaware of a secret experiment involving a virus affecting telepaths being conducted by Edgars.  Franklin learns what Sheridan plans to do with the telepaths - and is horrified by what he hears...

Notes: Sheridan's plan for the Shadow telepaths was first hinted at in No Surrender, No Retreat, and finally revealed in Endgame.

Guest Cast: Efram Zimbalist Jr finally appears in person as William Edgars.  Mark Schneider returns as Wade (Conflicts of Interest, The Face of the Enemy), and Denise Gentile returns as Lise Hampton-Edgars.