411: Lines of Communication

Directed by
John C Flinn III

First broadcast week of
28 April 1997

The Drakh representativeFollowing a series of attacks within Minbari space, Delenn is forced to intervene when the Warrior Caste is so plagued by in-fighting that they do not respond themselves.  Number One is enraged when a rogue resistance member detonates a bomb on Mars that kills ten civilians, encouraging Earthforce to crack down on them harder.  Sheridan is inspired to establish a news service, the Voice of the Resistance, with Ivanova as anchor, to counter the falsified ISN reports against Babylon 5.  Franklin delivers Sheridan's message to the Mars resistance, telling them they should pull together and await Sheridan's first moves against Earth.

Delenn discovers that Religious Caste members have already made contact with another alien race, the Drakh, to help them settle the disputes on Minbar.  When a Drakh representative seems to recognize her name, Delenn realizes they are servants of the Shadows.  She evades a Drakh attack and returns to take on the Drakh warship, destroying it.  She realizes that the problems on Minbar are worse than she suspected, and need to be dealt with.

Notes: The unrest on Minbar, caused by the breaking of the Grey Council in Severed Dreams, is attended to in Rumours, Bargains and Lies and Moments of Transition.  The alien that comes aboard the White Star here is never specifically referred to as a Drakh (see Movements of Fire and Shadow).  In Crusade: War Zone, it appears that the alien seen here is one of a race of "stormtroopers" for the Drakh (see also the novel Summoning Light).

The soundtrack of this episode is available on CD.

Guest Cast: Marjorie Monaghan returns as Number One.