413: Rumours, Bargains and Lies

Directed by
Michael Vejar

First broadcast week of
12 May 1997

Religious Caste MinbariSheridan concocts a plan to convince the non-aligned worlds into allowing his ships to patrol their borders as a peace-keeping force: he intends to trick them into believing there is a greater threat that only the major races know about, leading the other races into begging their assistance.  Delenn meets up with Neroon to discuss bringing about an end to the Religious and Warrior Caste conflicts to bring the Minbari back together, but the respective groups accompanying them believe that each one may be falling to the whims of the other.

The Religious group plan to release a deadly poison aboard the ship, believing that Delenn plans to surrender to Neroon.  Members of the Warrior Caste attack Neroon to prevent him from giving in to Delenn.  Lennier finds the poison canister and risks his life to stop the release of the gas - telling Delenn that its placement was merely an accident.  Sheridan's plan works - the other races agree to allow his ships to patrol their borders, and in return they promise to lend support for his campaign when the time comes.  Neroon makes a discreet departure, transmitting to his superiors Delenn's plan of attack against the Warrior Caste...

Notes: Londo and Sheridan have a discussion about the human comedy duo Rebo and Zooty, who later appear in person in Day of the Dead.  Lennier lies to save the face of another - a Minbari custom he used once before for Londo in The Quality of Mercy.

Guest Cast: John Vickery returns as Neroon.  Guy Siner appears as one of the Religious Caste Minbari; he appeared in the British comedy series Allo Allo (as Lieutenant Gruber), and also in the Doctor Who story Genesis of the Daleks (as General Ravon).