414: Moments of Transition

Directed by
Tony Dow

First broadcast week of
19 May 1997

Edgars contacts Garibaldi to intercept another "package".  Delenn and Lennier arrive on Minbar, where the city is in ruins and many people are homeless and injured following the growing conflict between the Warrior and Religious Castes.  Shakiri, leader of the Warrior Caste, threatens that unless the Religious Caste surrenders he will destroy the city completely - causing Neroon to have second thoughts about his true motives.

Bester, Garibaldi and LytaLyta Alexander, out of work following the departure of Kosh, is in search of a job but because she is not registered with Psi Corps nobody is willing to employ her.  Bester arrives on Babylon 5 for "business purposes": to persuade Lyta to rejoin Psi Corps, in name only as a deep-cover agent, to help her out of her difficulties - provided she leave her body to Psi Corps for experimentation after her death (by natural causes only), to give them insight into the Vorlon enhancements made to her.

Zack asks her to scan Garibaldi to confirm his suspicions but she refuses.  Instead, Lyta asks Garibaldi if she can work for his private investigation business, but when Edgars hears of this he forbids Garibaldi from continuing his involvement with her.  Lyta is forced to reluctantly accept Bester's offer.

ShakiriDelenn agrees to meet Shakiri in an ancient Minbari temple to discuss the terms of the Religious Caste's surrender - and challenges him to step into the Starfire Wheel, a circle of energy that tests the strength and wisdom of the Caste leaders to determine their abilities; a custom used long ago before the arrival of Valen.  Shakiri refuses, losing the respect of his Caste, and Neroon sacrifices himself to save Delenn's life - realizing, at last, that he is Religious at heart after all.  Delenn reforms the Grey Council with five Worker Caste members to watch over two Warrior and two Religious Caste representatives, so they can work hard to restore Minbar.  The position of leader is empty, in memory of Neroon, and also in reserve for "the One who is to come".

When President Clark orders an attack on a civilian transport, Sheridan decides that it is time to take decisive action.

Notes: Zack's relationship with Lyta appears to continue to develop here (see Epiphanies, and also Strange Relations and Thirdspace).  Bester also hints once again at his link with Garibaldi's conditioning (see also Whatever Happened to Mr Garibaldi?, Epiphanies and The Face of the Enemy).  Delenn refers to "the One that is to come" - which is possibly Sheridan  (see War Without End, Part II).

Guest Cast: Walter Koenig returns as Bester, and John Vickery makes his final appearance as Neroon.  Bart McCarthy appears as Shakiri - he later appears as Daro in Movements of Fire and Shadow.