507: Strange Relations

Directed by
John C. Flinn III

First broadcast week of
25 February 1998

Byron in custodyBester arrives on Babylon 5 in search of the rogue telepaths, but Lyta attempts to hide them by blocking Bester and his "bloodhounds" - although even her powers are limited and the telepaths scatter across the station to be hunted down one by one.  Garibaldi bursts in on a casual meeting between Lochley and Bester, determined to get his revenge upon the Psi Cop, but Lochley orders him be put in the brig.  When she visits him later, he questions her about why Sheridan chose her to command Babylon 5 when she was on the other side during the war on Earth - and she confesses to once being married to Sheridan for a brief time.  Meanwhile, sabotage has caused a Centauri cruiser to explode, which was intended to take Londo Mollari back to Centauri Prime.  This moves Delenn to suggest that G'Kar act as a personal bodyguard to Londo, and he reluctantly agrees.  Byron, the last telepath still free, decides to give himself up.

Sheridan demands that Lochley not surrender the telepaths to Bester - to which she finds a solution, courtesy of Franklin: Bester is confounded by the quarantine order, but promises to return in sixty days when the quarantine period is over - but warns her to keep an eye on them.

Notes: The Centauri Regent's "illness" is once again mentioned (Epiphanies, Rising Star).  Lyta Alexander seems to have been turned off Zack Allen (see Epiphanies, Moments of Transition and Thirdspace) to move in on Byron.  Byron and Bester appear to know each other (see Phoenix Rising, and the novel Deadly Relations).  We get flashbacks to Garibaldi's "conditioning" by Bester (Whatever Happened to Mr Garibaldi?, The Face of the Enemy).  Franklin is asked to compile a database on inter-species diseases for the Alliance.

Guest Cast: Walter Koenig returns as the Psi Cop Bester.