407: Epiphanies

Directed by
John Flinn

First broadcast week of
10 February 1997

President Clark, in the wake of being abandoned by his Shadow allies, plans an all-out attack to discredit and bring down Babylon 5.  He plans to use Psi Corps Black Omega Starfuries to attack an Earthforce Starfury Squadron and make it appear as if Babylon 5 was responsible.  However, Bester informs Sheridan of the plan and Ivanova pilots a squadron to take action accordingly and assure the Earthforce officers that they were not to blame.  Garibaldi also receives a coded message - a hypnotic broadcast which prompts him to instantly resign as chief of security.  Bester, in return for helping the station crew, demands transport to Z'ha'dum so they can salvage any technology remaining there - possibly even a cure for his lover, Carolyn, still in a Shadow-induced coma.  When they arrive, they find a flotilla of Dark Servant ships leaving the area - and Sheridan realizes the planet is rigged to explode, which it does.  Sheridan confronts Lyta and discovers that she triggered the explosion herself, because of her Vorlon influence.  She feels Shadow technology could be misused if in the wrong hands, and that she wanted to thwart Bester.  On Centauri Prime, the newly-appointed Regent wakes in the middle of the night to find himself implanted with a Shadow control device...

Notes: Bester's lover Carolyn Sanderson was one of the telepaths under Shadow influence rescued in Ship of Tears.  He sacrificed his own Black Omega Starfury squadron and betrayed Clark's plans to Sheridan for her sake.  He also hints at his "ace in the hole" as a tool to hold against Sheridan and his crew: possibly a reference to Garibaldi (see Whatever Happened to Mr Garibaldi?).  The transmission Garibaldi receives is the same effect used upon him in The Summoning.  Zack Allen also appears to be moving in on Lyta Alexander (see also Moments of Transition and Thirdspace).  The Shadow control implant seen on the Centauri Regent is of the same kind as seen on the future Emperor Londo Mollari in War Without End, Part II.

Guest Cast: Walter Koenig returns as Bester; Damian London returns as the Centauri Minister/Regent.