403: The Summoning

Directed by
John McPherson

First broadcast week of
18 November 1996

The Vorlons refuse to help Delenn amass a fleet to attack Z'ha'dum, and Lyta tries to discover from Kosh what the Vorlons are planning - so he shows her, and she is horrified.  The League of Non-Aligned Worlds rally against Delenn's plans, but when Sheridan makes a surprise reappearance with Lorien they change their attitudes.  Meanwhile, Ivanova and Marcus, in search of more First Ones to join the battle, discover a Vorlon fleet assembled in hyperspace ready to launch open attacks on Shadow-influenced worlds - including those populated by other races.  Zack Allen gets a lead on the whereabouts of Garibaldi and tracks him down - rescuing him from a spaceship rigged to explode.  Cartagia is upset that his prisoner does not scream when tortured, so sentences G'Kar to 40 lashes - which will kill him, but the whipping will stop as soon as he screams.  Londo urges him to scream in order to remain alive to carry out his plans - and G'Kar does so on the 39th lashing.

Notes: Was Kosh aware of the Vorlon plan to openly attack the Shadows in this manner all along - he remarked in Interludes and Examinations that it was not yet time for the Vorlons to act against them.  Garibaldi is seen subject to a kind of hypnosis control effect (see also Epiphanies).  Ivanova is attempting to learn Minbari, with interesting results.

The novel Personal Agendas is set between this episode and the next.

Guest Cast: Wayne Alexander (Lorien), Damian London (Minister) and Wortham Krimmer (Emperor Cartagia).