404: Falling Toward Apotheosis

Directed by
David J. Eagle

First broadcast week of
25 November 1996

With the Vorlons on the warpath, Sheridan no longer trusts the Vorlon Ambassador aboard Babylon 5.  Garibaldi's security team fail to send him away, but when Lyta tells him that Sheridan still holds a piece of the first Kosh he is lured into a cargo bay where massive electrical charges are set off and he emerges from his encounter suit into a hail of PPG fire.  The original Kosh emerges from Sheridan and the two Vorlons fight, and explode along with the Vorlon ship outside the station.  Lorien - whom Garibaldi intensely distrusts - revives the weakened Sheridan, telling him that he only has another 20 years of life left within him following his experiences here and on Z'ha'dum.  On Centauri Prime, Londo is concerned that the Vorlon fleet will eliminate them all if the Shadows do not leave - but Morden is sure they will not attack, and the Emperor merely sees it as an opportunity for him to be elevated amongst the gods.  Londo persuades him to travel to Narn for G'Kar's trial, to which he agrees - a well as ordering G'Kar's offensive eye be removed.

Notes: The notion that Sheridan is still in possession of a piece of Kosh was first hinted at in Interludes and Examinations, Walkabout and Z'ha'dum.  Sheridan does indeed live for another 20 years (see Sleeping in Light).  The real Vorlon form is finally seen here - a glowing jellyfish-like creature.  G'Kar is seen minus his left eye in Londo's dream in The Coming of Shadows, and for real in the future in War Without End, Part II.  It is possible that "the eye that does not see" mentioned by Lady Morella in Point of No Return is a reference to G'Kar's condition.  Cartagia mentions Centauri Prime ending "in fire" - similar to Kosh's comments to Emperor Turhan in The Coming of Shadows, and to how we see the future of Centauri Prime in War Without End, Part I.

The soundtrack of this episode is available on CD.  The umbrella title for Season Four was originally named after this episode, before being changed to "No Surrender, No Retreat".

Guest Cast: Wayne Alexander (Lorien), Wortham Krimmer (Cartagia) and Ed Wasser (Morden).