405: The Long Night

Directed by
John Lafia

First broadcast week of
27 January 1997

Emperor Cartagia arrives on the Narn homeworld, where he intends for G'Kar to be put through a show trial before his execution.  But his chains have been rigged to allow him to break free and cause a commotion while Londo stabs a poisoned needle into the Emperor.  Despite the fact Cartagia has replaced the weakened chains, G'Kar through force of will and strength breaks from his bonds and attacks the guards.  Cartagia unwittingly knocks the poison from Londo's hands but it is picked up by Vir - who more by luck that judgement manages to stab the Emperor with it, killing him.  Sheridan hears news that the Shadows are using their own "Planet Killer" - an enormous weapon which fires millions of missiles into a planet's crust, destroying it from the inside out.  Londo, as the newly-appointed Prime Minister, makes good his agreement with G'Kar and withdraws all Centauri forces from Narn.  G'Kar, refusing the position of leadership, pleads with his people not to plot their revenge, fearing the cycle of hatred will just repeat over again.  Sheridan orders Ericsson of White Star 14 to sacrifice himself to pass "secret" information to the Shadows to lure them to Coriana VI - the next Vorlon target - in order to force a final confrontation between them.

Notes: The (second) Centauri occupation of Narn, imposed in The Long, Twilight Struggle, finally comes to an end.

The soundtrack of this episode is available on CD.

Guest Cast: Wortham Krimmer (Emperor Cartagia), Brian Cranston (Ericsson).