506: Learning Curve

Directed by
David J. Eagle

First broadcast week of
18 February 1998

Ranger trainers Turval and Durhan are invited to Babylon 5 by Delenn, and they bring with them students Tannier and Rastenn.  In Down Below, the criminal Trace is exercising his superiority amongst the populace.  Garibaldi finally learns from Lochley which side she was on during the war - and asks a reluctant Zack to find her security profile for him, to discover why Sheridan would trust placing her in command of Babylon 5.  When Tannier and Rastenn intervene on a planned attack upon Zack by Trace, Tannier is severely wounded and Durhan decides to allow him to enter another stage of training - mora'dum.  This involves returning to face his attacker as soon as he can walk and bring upon him the ultimate terror - and with the others' help, Tannier takes on Trace in personal combat.  Trace is defeated.  Delenn becomes suspicious of Lochley's close knowledge of Sheridan, and Garibaldi also reads Lochley's security file.  Sheridan is forced to confess his previous relationship with Lochley, and Delenn is not impressed...

Notes: Delenn advises Turval and Durhan on the uses of a Pak'ma'ra in the Rangers.  Turval was one of Marcus Cole's trainers (see the novel To Dream in the City of Sorrows - where Durhan appears also) - and his brother is once again mentioned (Matters of Honor, To Dream in the City of Sorrows).  Lennier is also mentioned (see The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari).  Garibaldi discusses with the telepaths their function in his security team for the Alliance (see The Paragon of Animals).  Sheridan's involvement with Lochley is revealed in Strange Relations.  According to JMS, the character Tannier here is the same as the one that appears in the spin-off telemovie The Legend of the Rangers, even though it is not the same actor playing him.

Guest Cast: Nathan Anderson as Rastenn, Brendan Ford as Tannier, Trevor Goddard as Trace and Brian McDermott as Durhan.  Turval was played by Turhan Bey, who auditioned for the role of Elric in The Geometry of Shadows, and appeared as Centauri Emperor Turhan in The Coming of Shadows.