503: The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari

Directed by
David J. Eagle

First broadcast week of
28 January 1998

Londo's dreamDelenn is shocked to learn that Lennier has applied to leave her for a position in the Anla'Shok.  Londo suffers a near-fatal heart attack in his left heart, and his chances of surviving it are small.  As he lies in a coma, he has visions of Delenn, talks with Sheridan about death, and is taunted by G'Kar - and enduring the same deadly forty lashings inflicted upon the Narn the year before.  Londo decides he wants to live, and endures the night to awaken and apologize to G'Kar for all he has done.  Vir tells him of a Centauri legend where a "higher spirit", ashamed of the blood and deceit its body is engaged in, may attempt to part with it.  Those who survive such encounters are much changed as individuals.  Delenn wishes farewell to Lennier as he departs.

Notes: Londo recalls the dream of his death (Midnight on the Firing Line, The Coming of Shadows), and he tells Sheridan that he felt he would be there also (as seen in War Without End, Part II).  There are flashbacks to his conspiracy with Lord Refa to conquer Narn (The Long, Twilight Struggle), G'Kar entering his mind in Dust to Dust, and of G'Kar's whipping at the hands of Emperor Cartagia (The Summoning).  Londo's vision of Sheridan appears to be progressing in stages according to his costume - an Earthforce officer, independent Babylon 5 captain (Severed Dreams), then in the outfit of a Ranger and finally, in a white robe evolving into an energy being (Sleeping in Light).