505: A View From the Gallery

Story by Harlan Ellison
and J. Michael Straczynski

Teleplay by
J. Michael Straczynski

Directed by
Janet Greek

First broadcast week of
11 February 1998

Hostile alien raiders are en route for Babylon 5, and Lochley is determined to wipe them all out for fear of stronger forces invading later.  Amidst the panic two maintenance workers, Mack and Bo, continue with their work - maintaining MedLab facilities for alien physiology; repairing secondary defence systems just in time to wipe out the advance raider fleet; watching a firefight from the observation gallery; and meeting with the telepaths close to a hull breach where raiders have broken aboard the station.  Sheridan asks them to escort Delenn to an evacuation pod but she convinces them to allow her to stay, for if Babylon 5 were to fall she would sabotage the shuttle certain to result in her own death.  The timely arrival of the White Star fleet saves the day, and the raiders are all defeated - although Mack and Bo both resign themselves to the fact that once again they have to clean up all the mess.  Mack assures the triumphant Captain Lochley that "she's OK in his book" - together with the added bonus that Delenn has remembered his name.

Notes: Bo mentions the attack on Delenn seen in Ceremonies of Light and Dark.  Franklin talks about his father, seen in GROPOS.  Sheridan tells Delenn that he will see her again "where no Shadows fall" - echoing the words of her own future self in War Without End, Part II.  The White Stars return from protecting the Enfeeli homeworld (The Paragon of Animals).

Guest Cast: Raymond O'Connor as Mack, Lawrence DeJohn as Bo.