The Price of Peace

These four issues, together with Issue 11: The Psi Corps and You, were released together in a trade paperback graphic novel, The Price of Peace, by DC Comics in 1998.

Issue 1: In Darkness Find Me

Written by J. Michael Straczynski
Pencilled by Michael Netzer; Inked by Rob Leigh
DC Comics, January 1995
(released December 1994)

Set between Chrysalis and Points of Departure.

Three days after being recalled to Earth, Commander Jeffrey Sinclair is still trying to get an explanation.  He attempts to get some answers from a senator, but instead is warned not to spread any rumours about President Santiago being assassinated.  Finally, he is taken to President Clark where he is introduced to Rathenn, of the Minbari Grey Council.

Rathenn uses a triluminary to restore Sinclair's memories of the Battle of the Line - how he was captured by the Minbari, interrogated and tortured and finally released.  He is told about the Minbari souls being reborn in humans, and that he has such a soul.  It was agreed between Earth and the Minbari that the secret would not be revealed for fear of reprisals from both sides.  And it was with EarthGov's permission that Sinclair's memory of the event be wiped.

Sinclair is to be taken "home" - to Minbar, as Earth Ambassador.  With an angry and distrustful warrior caste member watching his every move, he is taken to meet the Grey Council, where he will read them an excerpt from Tennyson's Ulysses in the hope they will understand.

Notes: Sinclair's recollection of the events of the Battle of the Line began in And the Sky Full of Stars.  Sheridan mentions in Points of Departure that President Clark is the only other human who knows about the true reason behind the Minbari surrender, but is this strictly true?  Clark also tells Sinclair of Ivanova's field promotion to Commander, which takes place in The Geometry of Shadows; Sheridan mentions then that he put the paperwork in place the day he arrived on Babylon 5, which makes the timing correct.

Recurring Characters: President Clark; Rathenn, mentioned in A Voice in the Wilderness, Part I, and seen in War Without End, Part I and Grey 17 is Missing and the novel To Dream in the City of Sorrows.

Issue 2: Treason

Written by Mark Moretti
Premise by J. Michael Straczynski
Pencilled by Michael Netzer; Inked by Rob Leigh
DC Comics, February 1995
(Released January 1995)

Set between Revelations and The Geometry of Shadows.

A mysterious figure named Colby smuggles a package aboard a Minbari shuttle about to depart from Babylon 5.  Following a distress call from the ship Chiyoda-Ku, Zeta Wing is despatched to investigate, and discover a ship full of people - all but one of them dead.  Colby, through a tap in the station's secure channels, learns of this and disguises himself as a security officer to make an attempt on the survivor's life - who he discovers is a telepath.  The telepath, Psi Cop Dexter Hall, goes straight to Talia Winters for help.  She tells Ivanova that Hall had discovered a plot to assassinate the newly chosen Minbari leader.

On Minbar during preparations for the ceremony, Sinclair contacts Garibaldi to apologize for not being able to say goodbye, and learns that Delenn has departed for Minbar.  He meets her, shocked at her change of appearance, before he is accused of a plot to assassinate the newly chosen Leader: a high-powered weapon and plans were found in his luggage aboard Delenn's ship.  If he is convicted, there is certain to be war against the humans and the Minbari once more.


Issue 3: In Harm's Way

Written by Mark Moretti
Premise by J. Michael Straczynski
Pencilled by Carlos Garzon; Inked by Robbie Busch
DC Comics, March 1995

Set between Revelations and The Geometry of Shadows.

Sinclair protests his innocence, claiming that he is being framed.  Delenn tells him that the tip-off about the assassination plot came from Babylon 5.  Sheridan talks with Senator Hidoshi, who personally believes that Sinclair may well be guilty, convinced that the Minbari are the ones behind Sinclair's supposed "discovery" of the conspiracy to assassinate President Santiago.  Hidoshi also gives Sheridan express orders concerning the Psi Cop Hall: nobody is to see him, especially Talia Winters.  An Earthforce internal affairs officer, Colonel Rabock, is being despatched to personally take control of the situation.  It is entirely possible that Hall may well be a rogue telepath known as "Cypher".

Colby plans to kill Talia Winters as she could expose him as the one who attempted to kill Hall.  He is contacted by his superior, Webster, and he pleads to be taken off Babylon 5.  Talia evades him, and she agrees to Sheridan's request to scan Hall's mind to find answers to their dilemma.  Colonel Rabock has arrived early, so she has to make it quick.

Hall is an undercover agent for Psi Corps, infiltrating a group who call themselves "Homers", an action group against the increasing alien influences on human society.  They are aboard the Chiyoda-Ku celebrating the death of "that Minbari stooge" Santiago - and one of them mentions a plot in motion to kill the new Minbari Chosen One.  Hall tries to get a warning to the Minbari but is discovered and a firefight ensues.  After a distress signal is sent from the ship, Hall is forced to asphyxiate the crew to save his own life, and he is on the verge of death when the Babylon 5 Starfuries arrive.  After the attempt on his life he sought out the resident telepath.

Hall dies.  Colonel Rabock arrives - it is Colby's contact, Webster.

On Minbar, Sinclair's trial begins.  Alyt Neroon stands as his prosecutor.

Recurring Characters: Senator Hidoshi; Alyt Neroon.

Issue 4: The Price of Peace

Written by Mark Moretti
Premise by J. Michael Straczynski
Pencilled by Michael Netzer; Inked by Rob Leigh
DC Comics, April 1995

Set between Revelations and The Geometry of Shadows.

Colby prepares to leave Babylon 5, ensuring to take with him a photo of his wife whom he believes was killed by Minbari - hence his allegiance with the Homers.  In actual fact, she was killed by Webster in order to bring Colby into the group.  Colby learns of this when he intercepts a transmission from Webster to his superiors - in which Webster is ordered to kill Colby because he is now a risk.

Garibaldi finds a video record of Colby smuggling the weapon's package onto Delenn's shuttle.  Delenn interrupts Sinclair's trial to present the new evidence.  Neroon refuses to be moved, even when Delenn reminds him that a renewed war with the humans will still cause great sufferance to Minbari souls.

Colby ambushes Webster, still posing as Colonel Rabock, and gets him back onto his shuttle along with Hall's body.  Colby discovers that Webster himself is really Cypher - and Colby fires his weapon at the shuttle's systems, destroying it before Babylon 5's Starfuries can recapture them.

Neroon is determined that even though Sinclair may not be entirely guilty of the plot, this act against the Minbari is just cause enough to declare war.  The tribunal agrees, but Sinclair, according to an ancient Minbari custom, is prepared to sacrifice his own life in exchange for war.  The new Minbari Leader is impressed with Sinclair's willingness to pay the ultimate price for peace and exonerates him.  Delenn congratulates Sinclair on his plot: he knew full well that the Leader would not have allowed Sinclair to die because he holds a Minbari soul.

On Babylon 5, Sheridan, Ivanova and Garibaldi are at a loose end: all their evidence has been destroyed and they can't prove anything.  Then the real Colonel Rabock arrives...

Back on Earth, a high-ranking Psi Corps official deletes Colby and Webster from his files and asks the computer to find a new subject matching the "Cypher" program criteria...

Notes: The Homers seemed sure that a real plot to assassinate the Minbari Leader was in place: does this mean that there actually is an assassin still on Minbar?  The ambiguity of this is raised in the novel To Dream in the City of Sorrows but still doesn't provide any answers.

Recurring Characters: Alyt Neroon.