208: Soul Mates

Written by
Peter David

Directed by
John C. Flinn III

First broadcast week of
12 December 1994

It is the 30th Anniversary of Londo's Ascension, and his gift from the Emperor is a painless divorce from two of his three wives, Daggair, Mariel and Timov - or, as Londo prefers to call them, "Famine, Pestilence and Death".  Talia's ex-husband, Matthew Stoner, also comes aboard for mysterious reasons, but Talia ignores Garibaldi's suspicions and considers leaving with him.  Meanwhile, Delenn is having problems coping with being a human and pleads with Ivanova to help her.  Garibaldi discovers that Stoner, who has claimed to have found a means of erasing telepathic abilities, has actually been telepathically enhanced and wants to take Talia back to Psi Corps so they can breed.  A booby-trapped Centauri artefact presented to Londo places him in a coma in MedLab, and Timov offers a blood transfusion that could save his life provided that Franklin keep it secret that she helped him.  G'Kar realizes that Mariel deliberately bought the statuette knowing it would kill Londo, thus saving their public humiliation if the divorce does not officially proceed.  Eventually, Londo chooses to remain married to Timov, because she is the only one willing to stand up to him.

Notes: Londo previously referred to his three wives in The War Prayer, although the photographs seen in that episode do not match the people themselves.  Mariel and Timov make a return in the novel The Long Night of Centauri Prime.  Garibaldi has feelings for Talia, which don't appear to be returned (see Divided Loyalties for a possible reason why!).

This episode was originally entitled Pestilence, Famine and Death.  Writer Peter David appears in one scene (Londo's party scene, talking to Delenn and Lennier); he is also the author of the Legions of Fire novels (see the Fiction section).

Guest Cast: Jane Carr (Timov) played Holly in the failed US version of Red Dwarf, and also appears in the comedy series Frasier.  Carel Struycken (Trader) appeared as Lurch in the two Addams Family films, and as Mr Homm in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine.  Lois Nettleson (Daggair); Blair Valk (Mariel); Keith Szarabajka (Matthew Stoner).