215: There All the Honor Lies

Written by
Peter David

Directed by
Mike Laurence Vejar

First broadcast week of
24 April 1995

Sheridan unwittingly walks into a trap set by two Minbari, in which he is forced to kill one of them in self-defence as the other, Ashan, witnesses the event.  Immediately, the Minbari government presses charges of murder, threatening to invoke further racial hostilities.  Even worse, Delenn's insistence that the Minbari do not lie does not help Sheridan as Ashan continues to claim that Sheridan murdered his companion in cold blood.  Earthforce does not officially offer Sheridan any support, either, however Kosh manages to relieve his growing stress by showing him "a moment of perfect beauty".  The Zocalo is starting to fill with Babylon 5 memorabilia, including dolls and teddy bears representing the crew, which doesn't please certain people (Londo for one is offended by the lack of genitalia on his own representation).  Lennier manages to bring a confession out of Ashan: they want revenge on Sheridan for destroying the Black Star.  Sheridan and Delenn agree to clear the incident without shaming Ashan's clan, the Third Fane of Chodomo - Lennier's own clan.  Londo refuses to allow the Centauri to replace his aide, Vir, stating that if he goes, Londo goes - so Vir is allowed to stay.  Sheridan takes great pleasure in spacing a teddy bear dubbed "Bab-bear-lon 5".

Notes: Londo refers to Lennier's lying to save his honour in The Quality of Mercy.

Bab-bear-lon 5 was a stuffed teddy given by Peter David's wife to JMS - who hates stuffed toys and included the spacing scene in the final script.  Peter David is the author of the Legions of Fire novels (see the Fiction section).

Guest Cast: Sheridan's lawyer Guinevere Corey is played by Julie Caitlin Brown, who played Na'Toth during Season One (under the name Caitlin Brown) and also in A Tragedy of Telepaths.  Sean Gregory Sullivan (Ashan).