510: A Tragedy of Telepaths

Directed by
Tony Dow

First broadcast week of
25 March 1998

Lochley decides that the only option open to her to fight the telepaths hiding within Brown Sector is to call in Bester and his Bloodhounds.  On Centauri Prime, G'Kar and Londo discover that G'Kar's former aide Na'Toth has been languishing in a cell in the southern end of the Palace for two years, placed there by Emperor Cartagia and subsequently forgotten.  Sheridan is trying to keep the Alliance together when the Drazi accuse the Brakiri of attacking their ships - until the Gaim accuse the Drazi of doing the same thing.  Lochley manages to crawl into the telepath-inhabited area of the station and makes contact with Byron - however they are unable to reach an agreement.  Some of Byron's men outside begin to attack the station crew and Bester's men - but their actions anger Byron who does not want bloodshed in his name.  Londo and G'Kar manage to smuggle Na'Toth out of the palace and onto a transport back to Narn.  Sheridan informs the Council that there is an unknown outside force attacking the Alliance shipping lanes - and to prevent further hostilities between any of the member races, he has assigned the White Stars to watch over the ships poised on their borders.

Notes: This is Na'Toth's first appearance since Season Two's Acts of Sacrifice.  The Centauri bombing of Narn is recalled with a flashback (The Long, Twilight Struggle).  The perpetrators of the attacks on the Alliance worlds are fully revealed in The Ragged Edge.

The working title for this episode was Cat and Mouse.

Guest Cast: Walter Koenig returns as the Psi Cop Bester.  Julie Caitlin Brown reprises her role as Na'Toth - she was the actress who originally played her in Season One (under the name Caitlin Brown) before being replaced by Mary Kay Adams.