513: The Ragged Edge

Directed by
John Copeland

First broadcast week of
8 April 1998

Garibaldi and Tariq enjoy a drink on the Drazi homeworldA pilot, Brannagan, manages to escape an attack from an unseen force firing at his cargo ship.  On Babylon 5, G'Kar is shocked to learn from his old friend Ta'Lon that, during his absence on Centauri Prime, the Narn have found his book and published it: G'Kar is now a reluctant religious icon.  Sheridan sends Garibaldi to the Drazi homeworld to locate Brannagan and try to learn the identity of the mysterious invaders.  He is met by his old friend Tariq, and they share a few drinks - until Garibaldi is lying asleep when Tariq is attacked right outside his room.  Garibaldi is pursued himself, through the Drazi streets, until he finds the dead body of the pilot and is attacked by several hooded figures.  However, he returns to Babylon 5 with one clue - a button which Londo recognizes as belonging to the Imperial Guard of the Centauri Royal Court.  The others realize that it is the Centauri who are behind the attacks - but they do not share their suspicions with Londo, realizing that he is innocent of any wrongdoing and that there are indeed underground forces at work on Centauri Prime.  Franklin informs Sheridan that he has been offered the post of head of Xenobiological Research at EarthDome - and that he has accepted, due to start work there as of 1 January 2263.

Notes:  G'Kar was first seen writing his book (now The Book of G'Kar) in Messages From Earth.   G'Kar refers to when he was offered leadership of the Narn in The Long Night.  The Centauri are finally revealed to be the perpetrators of the attacks on the shipping lanes - however G'Kar mentions the secret alliance with a mysterious other race (see In the Kingdom of the Blind).  Franklin has been invited to replace Dr Benjamin Kyle for the second time (The Gathering).

Garibaldi refers to his mission as "FUBAR" - an American military term for "fucked up beyond all recognition/repair".

This is the 100th Episode of Babylon 5, and the soundtrack is available on CD.

Guest Cast: Marshall Teague returns as Ta'Lon, introduced in All Alone in the Night.  John Castellanos (Tafiq Azir); Mirron E Willis (Brannagan).