514: The Corps is Mother, The Corps is Father

Directed by
Stephen Furst

First broadcast week of
15 April 1998

Psi Corps Assistant Director Drake assigns Bester to oversee two young interns, Lauren and Chen.  However, their tour of Psi Corps HQ is cut short when a murder is committed and Bester is called upon to investigate.  Jonathan Harris, the suspect, is a "mind shredder" and has gone on the run - to Babylon 5.  Harris kills a casino gambler, learning his tricks to enter a winning streak, and an unwilling Zack helps Bester locate Harris' accomplice aboard the station after he kills Chen.  Bester and Lauren discover that Harris has multiple personalities - one of them a P10, the other, unknown violent one a P12.  Zack's security team intercepts Harris and his accomplice, Bryce, and they are soon recaptured.  En route back to Psi Corps, Lauren volunteers herself to dump Bryce's body into hyperspace.

The Corps is Mother, The Corps is FatherNotes: The opening credits of this episode were slightly modified with a Psi Corps logo replacing the Babylon 5 title - which was shown imprinted on the back of the station instead (replacing the "Created by J. Michael Straczynski" credit).

Bester refers to his wife and lover - see Ship of Tears.  We are also given the information that there are many Psi Corps motherships hidden in hyperspace "in case they are needed".  Jonathan Harris is the name of a fan who won a competition to have a character named after him (he was not named after the actor who played Dr Zachary Smith in the TV series Lost in Space).

Guest Cast: Walter Koenig returns as Bester.  Dex Elliott Sanders (Jonathan Smith); Dana Barron (Lauren Ashley); Mike Genovese (Drake); Reggie Lee (Chen Hikaru); Brendan Ford (Gordon Bryce).