515: Meditations on the Abyss

Directed by
Mike Vejar

First broadcast week of
27 May 1998

Delenn secretly asks Lennier to keep watch on the Centauri border for any suspicious activities before he leaves aboard the Maria (White Star 27), to continue his training under Captain Montoya.  G'Kar begins to teach his fellow Narn the meaning behind The Book of G'Kar.  Londo, after telling Vir of his new post as Ambassador to Babylon 5 once Londo becomes Emperor, discovers that the Drazi have attempted to bug their quarters, after the Drazi raise their concerns with Sheridan that it may be the Centauri behind the attacks on the shipping lanes.  Lennier and another traineee, Findell, find themselves apparently abandoned in space in fighter ships running out of air.  Just as Findell is about to panic and flee, the Maria returns and Montoya is disappointed with Findell's performance in the test.  On another test, Findell seems almost prepared to commit suicide, fearing his convictions in becoming a Ranger are not strong enough, but Lennier saves him.  Montoya reproaches the two of them over the incident, assigning Findell to another important mission on Minbar - asking potential Rangers if their desire to be Anla'Shock is strong enough.  Sheridan estimates that they have roughly a month to expose the Centauri before the Alliance begins to crumble; Garibaldi is once again ensconced in his quarters, drunk.

Notes: Lennier mentions Morden's prophecy to Delenn (Day of the Dead); not for the first time, Lennier lies to save the honour of another (The Quality of Mercy, There All the Honor Lies).   Lennier also mentions Turval, the Ranger trainer seen in Learning Curve and the novel To Dream in the City of Sorrows.  The Book of G'Kar, as with all Narn literature, is reproduced as an exact replica of the original script - complete with Mr Garibaldi's coffee stain on Page 83 (No Compromise).  G'Kar is finally fitted with a new matching prosthetic eye (he loses the original Falling Toward Apotheosis, and receives the first (human-coloured) replacement in Atonement).

Guest Cast: Martin East appears as Findell, and Richard Yniguez makes his first appearance as Captain Montoya (see Darkness Ascending).