212: Acts of Sacrifice

Written by
J. Michael Straczynski

Directed by
Jim Johnston

First broadcast week of
20 February 1995

Ivanova and the LumatiThe Centauri-Narn War is escalating, and relations between the respective inhabitants of Babylon 5 are increasingly strained.  Both factions are gearing for personal confrontations, but both Londo and G'Kar know that violence on the station will not accomplish anything - especially when Zack Allen accidentally shoots a Narn and one of the Centauri is outright murdered.  Ivanova is assigned the task of securing an alliance with the newfound Lumati race, but their views on racial superiority irks both her and Dr Franklin.  G'Kar debates with his people to persuade them to keep the peace, or enlist in the military and leave the station if they wish to continue fighting.

Londo, however, is having trouble coping with his new-found respect among the Centauri and the fear he seems to elicit from everyone else - even Garibaldi doesn't seem to want to sit and have a harmless drink with him anymore.  G'Kar pleads with Sheridan and Delenn for assistance - food, medical supplies and a means of escape - for his people and they eventually make an "unofficial" offer which G'Kar reluctantly accepts.  When the Lumati Ambassador demands sex as a means of securing an alliance with Earth, Ivanova takes advantage of their ignorance of human customs to seal the deal.  Garibaldi meets with Londo in appreciation of his not making a diplomatic issue of the Centauri's murder, where Londo extolls the virtues of having friends - even if only for a little while.

Notes: This episode features the last regular appearance of G'Kar's aide, Na'Toth.   She is seen again in Season Five's A Tragedy of Telepaths.

Guest Cast: Ian Abercrombie (Correlilmurzon); Paul Williams (Taq); Chrisopher Darga (Narn No 1); Paul Ainsley (Centauri No 1).